Insect killers

Bzzzz... too much stuff flying around when you're trying to work? Insect killers from kaiserkraft use UV light for reliable protection.

Insect killers – fighting off space invaders

When you're swatting away buzzing insects at work, then you have a choice: you can put up with it, use fly swatters to try and hunt the nuisances down, or solve the problem the elegant way with insect killers from kaiserkraft United Kingdom.

When you need insect killers

It's often difficult to simply put up with them – swarms of insects in warehouses or production halls, not to mention offices, cause considerable disruption and quickly get on your nerves. In kitchens or food processing plants, they are also a hygiene risk and should a fly end up in the soup, customers are going to be unhappy too.

How our insect killers function

Fortunately for you and your employees, our insect killers are light years away from fly swatters. You don't have to hunt anything down yourself or make use of toxic substances.

Our insect killers function based on the following principle:

  • The ultraviolet light attracts insects.

  • The insects are killed by a high-voltage grate or sucked in by a fan and, depending on the model, dried out in the collection container.

  • Empty the container from time to time. Insect killers with a fan allow you to release beneficial insects again.

Important: the use of insect killers with UV light is only permitted indoors. Outdoors, the risk of killing protected species and beneficial insects is too high.

How to find the right insect killer

The size of the area you wish to keep free of insects is decisive when making your choice. Ease of cleaning and handling is an important factor to watch out for. If you intend using the device in places where there are insects such as bees or bumblebees around, use a fan and make sure you release beneficial insects.

Any questions? We will be happy to answer them. Contact our customer service any time.