Hoists, Restraints, Hoist slings

Start using hoists to lift like a professional – preventing any risks to health and without requiring physical effort! Along with lifting straps, chain hoists and crane trolleys, you'll also find products for professional load securing, such as cable winches, cargo restraint straps and tension straps here in the shop.

Lifting technology and load securing mechanisms – lifting slings, cargo restraint straps and more

Whether containers or steel beams, when you need to raise heavy objects to a height, the right lifting sling is half the job. This is why you'll find that kaiserkraft has a large range of lifting chains, lifting straps and round slings, along with cable winches, grip hoists, lifting magnets, girder clamps and much more. But when are you on the right side with which lifting equipment? How do you secure heavy loads successfully when transporting them?

Lifting safely and successfully with lifting slings – these criteria determine your choice

The right choice of lifting slings ensures uninterrupted work processes in the warehouse or production areas, and prevents any falls with serious consequences. Ask yourself the following questions before making a purchase:

  • Is the lifting sling suitable for secure attachment to the respective objects?

  • Is the load bearing capacity sufficient?

  • Which specific stresses does the lifting sling need to withstand, for example high temperatures, impacts or a strong wind?

  • Does it comply with all applicable standards and regulations?

Please note that some properties of lifting slings will change according to ambient conditions. For example, the load bearing capacity of chains decreases with a high average inclination. The same applies to high temperatures. And if you wish to load containers at the port, then the chain or the strap will need to be able to withstand strong breezes as well. Important information about these factors can be found in our product descriptions. And if you're still not sure, then ask us. We will help you to ensure a maximum of safety.

Chains or a strap?

Both have advantages of their own. Lifting chains are powerhouses with a high load-bearing capacity and all the sturdiness you need. Lifting straps and round slings won't be able to do the job quite as well. The latter can, however, be used flexibly, don't need an attachment point and protect sensitive goods, as they can be simply looped around the load.

What does this mean for your choice of product? If you'd like to lift objects with a very high weight and/or under extreme conditions, then you're best choosing a chain. If you place particular value on flexibility and careful handling, then we'd recommend lifting straps and round slings instead.

This is how to secure heavy loads during transport

Once you've successfully lifted heavy goods onto the truck, then you need to ensure that they also stay right where they are even when driving around tight corners. This works best using our cargo restraint straps and cargo netting. They are available with different tensioning forces, and with a long-lever ratchet or short-lever ratchet. Using these, and the right technology, you can guarantee a firm hold in any situation.

All the other useful items found at kaiserkraft

Are you looking for ways to secure loads, to lift steel beams without attachment points or to pull heavy objects towards you? Explore our large range of aids for lifting, pulling and transport:

  • Wire rope winches

  • Lifting magnets

  • Grip hoists

  • Girder, sheet metal and non-marring clamps

  • Balancers, ratchet chain hoists and electric chain hoists

  • Spur gear block and tackle units

  • Cargo restraint straps and cargo netting

  • Lifting magnets

  • Lifting straps

  • Grippers

  • Crane hooks

So all that you need now is a crane? You can also purchase one from us, as a stationary or mobile model, and as a jib crane, post crane, workshop crane or mobile gantry crane. The same applies for fork pallet trucks, mini lifters, stackers and many other items of lifting equipment.

Would you like to know more?

No problem. Our customer service is happy to answer your questions concerning lifting devices or any other product from our product range. Upon request, we will also help you make your choice. This ensures you'll be able to lift yourself out of any situation.

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