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Kick stools

Kick stools are simply practical: just give these compact all rounders a kick to roll them everywhere they are needed to provide a safe, stable and comfortable footing – reaching the top shelf in a cupboard or shelf unit is as easy as this.
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office akktiv - Kick stool made of sturdy sheet steel
max. load 150 kg, height under load 420 mm
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Kick stools – the all-rounder in every company
A kick stool is a practical item in just about every part of a company. The most frequently used function of a kick stool is as a step stool to reach goods, documents or tools that are stored at a height otherwise difficult to reach. The kick step stool has the advantage of being able to be moved quickly from one place to another while also remaining firmly on the floor once weighed down. The reason is the spring mounted castors and a wide rubber traction ring. This ensures you can reach things stored on the top of cupboards, shelves and the coat rack. The step stools with castors can be moved along the floor with a gentle kick of the foot. This means you won't need to bend down to it or carry it with you. A stool with castors is therefore highly practical. You'll find the roller stool in retail outlets, in libraries, in warehouses, in workshops, and in offices. Along with its function as a step stool, it can also be used to take a seat. The large number of different stool versions means there will be a suitable kick stool for offices, production facilities or warehouses, also in terms of the materials used to make it.

Safe kick stools – non-slip surfaces and castors
Kick stools made of powder coated sheet steel are very robust and stable. Lightweight plastic stools with a maximum load around 150 kg provide a solid basis for your office equipment. When choosing stools, there is plenty of variation in the diameter of the base surface as well as in the respective colours used, allowing kick stools to be adapted to individual requirements and to the company design. Tread surfaces featuring an anti-slip surface structure ensure the required safety. By choosing castors adapted to the respective floor, you will ensure that the kick stool moves easily. The TÜV test seal issued for this product also verifies that the kick stools are safe for work. Choose the kick stools and step stools offered by KAISER+KRAFT for your office equipment.
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