Kick stools

Practical all-rounders: kick stools are sturdy step-up aids that can also be used as seats. Thanks to their round shape, the models are easy to roll to the intended place of use. Whether in the warehouse or office, a kick step stool makes it easy to reach the top shelf of a cupboard or shelving unit. From kick stools for the workshop to industrial stools, discover the full range in the online shop at kaiserkraft!

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Kick stools: versatile and sturdy aids

Kick step stools are space saving aids that provide both a mobile step-up aid and a seat. The models feature spring loaded castors, which makes them easy to push to the place where they are needed. When there is a load on the stool, the castors click into place and the stool remains firmly in place. A thick rubber ring on the bottom also keeps the stool, which is made of sheet steel, on the floor.

The wide and anti-slip tread surface on the kick step stools provides a stable footing. This allows you to lift files or other products safely down from shelving units. When you step down from the roller stool, the castors extend again. This allows the useful aid to roll smoothly over any surface – even carpeted floors.

In which areas of the company are kick stools most useful?

Thanks to their versatility, kick stools are versatile. They are a great supplement to steps in workshop and industry. They are easy to roll to the intended place of use. Moreover, kick stools occupy very little space. They can be put into storage to save space when not in use.

Kick step stools are also useful aids in the office. They are practical alternatives to stepladders. They allow your employees to take folders or work utensils down from shelves or to sort them on the shelves without having to fetch a ladder from the utility room and set it up.

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