Crash protection

Unmissable extra safety at work: by using crash protection and impact protection in bold signal colours, you can distinguish hazard zones and corners. True to the motto of ''Better safe than sorry'', you can take professional precautions to avoid pricey repairs or overhauls, and provide effective protection for employees, equipment and transport devices.

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Crash protection – crash protection guards, protection bars, bollards and more

Trade associations register more than 12,000 accidents per year in warehouses. If the right safety equipment isn't installed, then even minor incidents can have unforeseen consequences. Crash protection guards ensure that shelving units stay standing after collisions with transport equipment, fork lift trucks or stackers. This is a way to prevent making mountains out of molehills and allowing simple manoeuvring errors to cause severe accidents involving property damage and personal injury. You'll find a large range of safety guards for indoor and outdoors areas at kaiserkraft. Because it's always better to be on the safe side.

How do crash protection guards work?

Barriers and markings are there to prevent accidents. Foam edge protectors with combined black and yellow markings also provide a warning function. Above all, they keep the damage to a minimum even when all the warnings were in vain. A crash protection guard made of steel and with base plate to bolt in place can even withstand collisions with heavy transport vehicles. Crash protection guards from kaiserkraft for outdoor areas are made of hot dip galvanised and powder coated steel for a long service life in any weather conditions.

Whether outside or inside, impact protectors can perform many functions. Depending on where it has been installed, it prevents shelving units from collapsing, damage to expensive machinery or pipes and electrical cables from being harmed. In any case, it prevents the subsequent costs from skyrocketing and the persons involved from being injured.

What type of crash protection guards are available from kaiserkraft?

Impact protection is available in different versions, but which one is the right one? Let's start with the basic equipment. Crash protection guards for the corners of shelving units are an important component of warehouse equipment. After all, protecting fixed shelving units in places where transport vehicles can drive around freely is a legal obligation – in yellow and black and with a minimum height of 30 cm. Shelving unit crash protection rails make an ideal supplement.

If you wish to safeguard production plants, columns, loading ramps or roller doors, you'll find that kaiserkraft has extremely robust crash protection bollards, protection bars and impact protection specifically for pipes. Warning and safety strips can be installed in all sorts of different places: in corridors, on walls, doors and to equipment, even on uneven surfaces. Crash protection barriers and posts will ensure a good degree of flexibility remains. This allows you to build your own impact protection in the necessary dimensions.

How do flexible crash protection guards prevent damage to machines?

Sometimes it's better to let go than to hold on. It's a principle which flexible crash protection bars follow too. Spring components that have been integrated into them yield in the event of a collision, later returning to their initial position. This reduced damage to the vehicle involved. The special advantage of flexible crash protection guards made of polymer-based plastic: there is no need to repair or replace them after a collision. Swivel castors on crash protection guards also allow them to move and deflect the forces acting on them.

Any more questions? Then please contact us. We'll be happy to help to increase the level of safety in both indoor and outdoor areas.

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