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Flag poles – let your message fly in the wind!

What grabs your attention more quickly? An immobile sign with a two-dimensional effect, or a flag fluttering in the wind on a flagpole at the right height? You see – flags are the vanguard of a corporate image and will make a first impression that couldn't be bested. If you'd like to fly your flag in style, then you're in exactly the right place at KAISER+KRAFT with all our flagpoles.

Multidimensional figurehead

While other elements of corporate design require considerably more effort to attract attention and ensure people are looking, flags have a multidimensional advantage: they make use of a particular height and a specific format, along with the play of movement. Fluttering flags also generate a pleasant sound which appeals to the sense of heating.

Because flags on high-quality flagpoles function on so many different levels, you can exercise significantly more restraint on the print and the statement you are making – and make your plans for the long term. Or, in other words: flag poles and flags allow you to represent your company regardless of trends, campaigns and the season.

Whether you choose to install a row of flagpoles, or individual flag poles, in your outdoor areas is a personal preference. Whether you decide for high quality, durable and, above all, safe flagpoles from the product range available from KAISER+KRAFT is not a matter of taste – in fact, stability, plenty of safety precautions, and uncompromising quality should all be a matter of course.

Tips for flying the flag – the need for safety

If your company wants to consistently attract attention with flags and flagpoles, then there's a few factors we'd like you to consider, and which often play a role:

  • Whether a planning permission is required for setting up flag poles is a matter for local councils, even if the rules usually only apply for flagpoles that are 10 m or higher. However, you're still best asking the local authority responsible for your area.

  • You can purchase flagpoles from KAISER+KRAFT with different heights above ground. If they don't have an arm, then the experts advise maintaining a distance of 1.5 to 2 m between two poles. For models with an arm, then the following rule of thumb applies: 2 x arm length + at least 20 cm.

  • In general, a specialist company is not necessary to prepare the foundation and to install the flag pole – even if reasons of safety and quality always make this an option.

If you have any questions about equipping your company with flag poles/flag staffs and flags in general, our employees at KAISER+KRAFT will be more than happy to help you personally.

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