Environmental and chemical storage cupboards

Do you work with aggressive chemicals and toxic substances such as alkaline solutions, varnishes or liquids that are hazardous to water? Chemicals storage cupboards and environmental cupboards allow you to store hazardous substances safely and in accordance with regulations. There is a suitable type of cupboard for every requirement. Choose the right equipment for your hazardous materials management at kaiserkraft!

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Chemicals storage cupboards: secure storage with no ifs and buts

You don't even need to read all the regulations and laws to know that hazardous chemicals need to be stored in the company with particular diligence and safety. This is particularly true when you wish to store corrosive, water hazardous or toxic and hazardous substances in your work rooms to ensure employees have direct access to them. For cases like this, the chemicals storage cupboards from kaiserkraft are the safest solution, and also comply with all regulations.

Hazardous substance storage: which regulations apply to chemicals storage cupboards?

When it comes to hazardous goods management in the company, the following regulations apply, first of all, at European level, and also define all overarching requirements of chemicals storage and environmental cupboards, or the handling of hazardous substances:

  • Company safety directive

  • Hazardous Substances Directive

  • Occupational Health and Safety Act

  • Water Management Act

The following guides provide an overview of how to store chemicals correctly:

The basic tenor of all these regulations is, however, always the same: the choice of material and the equipment features of the environmental and chemicals storage cupboards must be adapted to the level of hazard and the goods being stored, and must regulate access to these substances in one way or another.

Which features do high quality chemicals storage cupboards have?

At kaiserkraft you will find different types of cupboards for the storage of chemicals and liquids:

  • Chemical storage cupboards for storing water hazardous and/or toxic substances with the corresponding shelves and ventilation connections pre-installed

  • Environmental cupboards for liquids in small containers for storage in work rooms

  • Liquefied gas cylinders and depots, as well as compressed gas cylinder cupboards G 90 for particularly high storage requirements, also for liquids in tanks, bins and drums

  • Special EUROKRAFT environmental cupboards for outdoor storage, which are currently only available from us

You can tell whether a chemicals storage cupboard or environmental cupboard is suitable for storing certain substances by looking at the GHS pictograms, DIN standards and test seals shown on the product pages. Nevertheless, we always recommend researching the laws carefully before making a purchase – as well as taking a look at whether a specific type of cupboard is approved for use in your respective country.

The safety of chemicals storage cupboards and environmental cupboards is not only indicated by their resistance to certain substances, but is also ensured by special equipment details. These include:

  • Adjustable shelves for different containers and safety and transport containers

  • Shelves or tray shelves with pull-out stops and anti-tipping devices

  • Manipulation-proof locks, door locks that, in part, close automatically in the event of fire, some degree of suitability for integration in lock systems

  • Useful door locking mechanisms for safe placement and removal of containers

  • Base sumps with different sump capacities

  • Ventilation openings for optimal ventilation

Hazardous goods management with kaiserkraft

As an employer, you are obliged to ensure safety is maintained in the company over the entire use cycle of a hazardous substance – from procurement to disposal. kaiserkraft provides you with support with its extensive range of products and services. This starts with suitable sump trays and extends to diligent configuration with chemicals storage cupboards featuring appropriate exhaust air connections. We have put together a purchasing guide to Proper planning for laboratory furnishings so that you can satisfy the extremely high requirements made of safety in the laboratory. But of course we will also be happy to provide personal advice on our range of chemicals storage and environmental cupboards.