Artificial plants

Real or not? Our artificial plants and artificial flowers need not shy away from their paragons in nature. Made from high quality materials modelled true to nature, artificial plants are virtually indistinguishable from their originals, but much easier to take care of. Ensure more well-being and a pleasant atmosphere at your workplace!

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Artificial plants? A natural choice!

Areca palms, moth orchids, rose ball trees – the artificial plants from kaiserkraft are every bit as attractive as their names sound magical. We have a wide range of flora from all over the world. We think that natural features bring many benefits to the world of work: a little bit of outdoors improves the sense of well-being indoors, with the multifarious colours and shapes providing a source of inspiration, and having the right plants in the right place ensures the atmosphere is just right – whether at the bar, in the rest area or in the counter area. You might now be asking yourself whether artificial trees aren't rather passé? But we'd suggest thinking a little further: what could be more typical of today than an idea with so many benefits?

Artificial plants – the low-maintenance alternative

You'd like to add a bit more variety to your office furnishings, but the amount of care that plants require is simply too high? Don't worry, because we have the solution: our textile plants are difficult to distinguish from natural ones at first glance. They have been modelled using real details and feature excellent workmanship. And in terms of your budget, they can actually do better than the real-life role models, because artificial plants flourish without any gardening work, are never thirsty and lose neither blossoms nor foliage.

A bouquet of different options

The online shop operated by kaiserkraft offers the full range of options: bushes and bonsais, flowers and grasses, herbs and ferns – for every environment and for every purpose. Is your open-plan office screaming out for structure? Our room dividers made of bamboo cordon off different areas and define the space. Is your window display missing a certain something? Cream-coloured magnolias are a real eye-catcher. Could your terrace be a little more inviting? A cappuccino almost tastes as good as it does on holiday when you drink it under palms. And because fine feathers make fine birds, we've also thought of the right outfits for our colourful range of top models. Take a look at our range of vases and cover pots, as you're guaranteed to find something you like. Are you looking for something specific? Then please ask us!

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