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Are you still lugging files and folders through the office? Office trolleys are better for business. With a range of practical functions, office trolleys can be used for many different purposes and can make office work much easier. They create a more organised environment, ensure you retain a clear overview and add functionality to the workplace.

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Optimise your office logistics with office trolleys

Your office could be said to be a traffic junction. It is a trans-shipment point for digital data of all kinds: documents and figures move from workplace to workplace, files are forwarded, the post is distributed. The office trolleys from KAISER+KRAFT are designed to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. Specialisation is the magic word. Our online shop offers a specially suitable trolley on castors for just about all areas. The choice is huge.

Your organisation stands when everything is mobile – on all types of office trolleys

It starts with practical shelf trolleys for your office materials – and then it really gets going. Do you arrange your patient files in hanging files? A suspension file trolley on two levels with or without pull-outs creates mobile storage space, whether for 80, 100 or 200 files. Do you want your mail to be structured from A to B? A mail distribution trolley accommodates incoming and outgoing mail of different formats, neatly sorted and stacked – up to a weight of 150 kg. Is the number of trial records getting out of hand once again? A steel folder trolley or file trolley on three levels will relieve your file shelves and keep things running everywhere. And if a classic mobile pedestal for your office is too small and not variable enough for you: an office trolley with drawers and options for shelves and partitions offers maximum flexibility. A big advantage: around half a cubic metre of storage space that can be used as needed.

The list is endless. There are suitable trolleys for specific needs. For moving around formats up to DIN A0, a drawing trolley could be the appropriate vehicle of choice. And our unique transport and cleaning trolley with baskets and rubbish bag holder makes every cleaning crew's job easier.

You have the need, we have the products

The variety of transport equipment and trolleys from KAISER+KRAFT is impressive. And it's the same with the technical equipment: sturdy steel constructions, painted in RAL colours as desired, coated MDF panels, non-marking castors that protect your floors – and much more. Do you have any wishes? Talk to us. We have the perfect office trolley for you.

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