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For better and immediate visibility in the factory, warehouse or production: certified work vests and warning vests make safety utmost priority. Order your safety equipment now – whether warning vests, high-visibility vests, thermal protection vests or belts and disposable aprons for men and women. You will also find the legally required high-vis vests that you must have with you in your own car and in commercial vehicles. Find out more now!

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Work vests: slip on protection

They are compulsory for drivers, have meanwhile become standard for cyclists, and are a matter of course for professionals in outdoor industries and those who work in dangerous environments: warning vests are items of basic equipment for personal and professional occupational safety.

Which work vests are available?

Our range of work vests combine different forms of sleeveless protective and work clothing to slip on. Depending on the area of use and regulations that apply for your workplace, you can choose from:

  • Heat resistant bib aprons in accordance with PPE Regulation 2016/425 and EN ISO 11612

  • High-vis vests in orange in accordance with EN ISO 20471:2013+A1:2016

  • Back support belts with braces to take the strain off the torso

  • PVC and disposable aprons for use in the food industry and in hospitality

What should I be aware of in regard to high-vis vests?

Since 2014, drivers in Germany have been required to have a warning vest with them on the road. Numerous European countries have the same regulations. Accordingly, every vehicle must have a high-visibility vest in orange, red-orange or yellow.

Reflective stripes make high-vis vests for men and women into warning clothing with a high visibility factor in accordance with EN 20471. As they only cover the torso, they are part of PPE class 2 and cover medium risks. This class is applicable for, among other things:

  • Working outdoors, on rails or on roads

  • Working in poor light and/or weather conditions

  • Transit through outdoor facilities or the factory premises

  • Handling lifting and hoisting equipment

  • Construction sites

  • Hydraulic engineering works

The company risk assessment is used as a basis for selecting which work vests to use. In this context, details such as posture at work or the potential concealment of reflective clothing when handling work equipment also need to be considered.

Note: if you are looking for personal protective equipment for the highest safety (class 3), then long sleeves and trouser legs are a must – and therefore high-visibility work jackets and reflective work trousers are the right choice.

What do I need to pay attention to with bib overalls?

  1. Reusable and disposable aprons made of PVC, vinyl and other plastics provide a protective shield against splashed chemicals, rinsing water or other liquids. The media resistance of the product must be suitable for the workplace and its requirements.

  2. Heat resistant aprons must be resistant to radiant heat and comply with PPE Regulation 2016/425 and EN ISO 11612. They must always be combined with other heat protection products, such as heat resistant work gloves and heat protection jackets.

When it comes to protective and work clothing, even if there are no official regulations, it is better to be safe than sorry. That’s why you should find out more about our range of protective products and ones for occupational health and safety, and simply contact us if you have any questions.