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No socket nearby – no problem! Today’s world of work is kept running by batteries and rechargeable batteries anyway. It doesn’t matter whether you need them for devices that use very little, or a lot of, power, because you’ll find that we have everything you need right here, including: AA batteries or rechargeable Li-ion batteries for e-bicycles and other company equipment! Power without sockets, cables or hassles.

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What is the difference between batteries and rechargeable batteries?

Some are rechargeable, others aren’t – and this isn’t the only difference. Even though rechargeable batteries are indispensable as a power supply for power tools, e-bicycles, electronic scales and many other items of company equipment, you should also have batteries in stock – this is because the non-rechargeable primary cells offer the following advantages:

  • They have a high and long charge retention capacity

  • They can also be stored at lower or higher temperatures

  • They operate reliably even at lower or higher temperatures

  • They are more efficient in appliances with a low, but constant, power consumption

  • They have a more compact design as button cells (for example CR2032) or a 9 V battery

In contrast, rechargeable batteries – especially lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries – are the pacemakers of today’s world of mobility. These rechargeable secondary cells exhibit the following advantages:

  • They can be recharged up to 1000 times depending on the technology and charging performance

  • They have high capacities and can power even the most energy hungry devices

  • They reduce procurement costs and optimise the environmental balance (if disposed of correctly)

  • They can be made as LiPo batteries in all forms

What do I need to observe when purchasing replacements?

  • Lithium-based batteries for e-transport equipment or cleaning machines must be suitable for the specific device. There is little risk of confusion. When it comes to third-party replacement units, you should nevertheless observe the specifications regarding compatibility and choose products that correspond to the original in terms of capacity and performance.

  • Generalists such as AA or AAA rechargeable batteries can be replaced with the corresponding AA or AAA batteries.

  • Batteries are susceptible to deep discharge. This is when the voltage drops below a threshold necessary for a new charging cycle. This can happen after a comparatively short time. That is why rechargeable batteries must be regularly charged and checked.

  • Due to the more limitations on the storage capacity for rechargeable batteries, batteries are the better choice as an emergency stock for torches, etc.

  • As a highly reactive element, lithium is a source of danger. That is why you should use battery charging cabinets at the company.

Both batteries and rechargeable batteries must be disposed of with care and must not be thrown away in the usual waste collectors. As a provider of accessories for the company, we do, of course, accept returns of spent batteries.

We will be happy to tell you in person how this works. Simply contact with us. Our magazine article on Handling rechargeable lithium-ion batteries safely informs you about everything else you need to know.