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Foot rests

Less tension in your legs, back and shoulders is not just a matter of posture, but also the right foot rest. It will ensure you assume a comfortable and ergonomic sitting position at your desk. By the way, they also come as heated models for everyone who gets cold feet.
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Twinco - Foot rest with rocker mechanism
tread surface with steel bar, infinitely adjustable
from £26.00
EUROKRAFT - Foot rest
gas lift height adjustment from 110 - 320 mm
MAUL - Foot rest, ergonomic
model with heating function and carpet cover
MAUL - Foot rest, ergonomic
surface WxD 450 x 390 mm, with carpet cover
Floor mat, heated
grey, with mains connection
from £27.00
Twinco - Plastic foot rest
infinitely adjustable
Floor mat, heated
plastic, with mains connection
11 items found
Foot rests – keeping your legs firmly on the floor!
Foot rests are always a great thing to have when it is not possible to have office desks adjusted to the same height as the respective user. This might, for example, be the case when different people share a workplace or desk. But also when the desk you are suppose to use is an older desk and can't be adjusted to the right height – foot rests are a practical solution. They compensate the difference between the desk height and floor so that you can place the full surface of your feet flat on the floor. This allows the foot rests, as part of your office equipment, to contribute to a healthy and ergonomic sitting posture – an effect that should not be underestimated, because taking the load off your feet not only helps prevent circulation problems and vascular disorders, but also back and shoulder pain. Say bye-bye to dangling feet!

Foot rests – for an ergonomic sitting posture.
Not every foot rest will, however, be the best foot rest for you – there are innumerable different models. In any case, you should make sure that your new foot rest can not only be adjusted for height, but also for its angle. This will ensure that your feet remain more or less in an inclined position, which in turn effectively prevents blood congestion, cramps and other unpleasant phenomena. Some foot rests even feature a rocker or swing mechanism, allowing the position of your legs and feet to keep varying naturally – a blessing for your physical comfort. Also important is that your new foot rest is as stable and non-slip as possible and that it also gives you a sufficiently sized rest area for your feet so that your freedom of movement is not unnecessarily restricted. And there is also a solution for everyone who suffers from chronic cold feet: heated foot rests that provide additional comfort to make you feel good at work. In this sense: Keep up the good work!
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