You’d like to keep it secure, but there's no lock? Then the best thing to do is to use a padlock. At kaiserkraft you’ll also find exactly what you need for more demanding security requirements as well.

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    Padlocks: a secure way to lock things up

    Bicycle cellars, tool boxes, clothes lockers and cupboards – padlocks secure everything that is not equipped with a conventional lock. These small locks look deceptively similar, but the devil is in the detail.

    Which distinguishing features do padlocks have?

    Key features of different types of padlock are the following:

    • Design: combination locks are an alternative to the classic padlock with a key. Discus locks are round in shape.

    • Common key or individual key: padlocks with common keys come with keys that fit several locks.

    • Material: most padlocks are made of brass, aluminium or steel. However, there are also inexpensive models made of plastic.

    • Shackle thickness: apart from the material, the following applies to the shackle in particular: the thicker it is, the harder it is to crack.

    How to find the right lock

    The crucial question when looking for the right padlock is: what are you going to use it for? If you’re locking away a valuable item, or the risk of theft is high, pay attention to the following points:

    • Locks with thick shackles made of steel offer the most resistance to thieves. Aluminium and plastic are suitable for less valuable items, while brass represents a good compromise.

    • Discus locks have the advantage that thieves find it difficult to get to the shackle.

    • Speaking of shackles: make sure that they are as thick as possible.

    • Padlocks with common keys are practical for everyday use. However, each person with a key is then able to open several locks. If you lose a key, you have to replace all locks – or, at the least, all of the lock cylinders.

    How do you secure your padlock to the door? The best way is to use one of our hasps. For more information and helpful tips, please contact our customer service.