Regardless of whether you wish to staple film to wooden crates, or need to make cardboard boxes more stable, or you wish seal folding boxes you are sending quickly: the staplers available in the kaiserkraft product range will help you with your packaging processes.

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    Stapling instead of gluing

    Stapling is faster than using adhesives on cardboard boxes and folding boxes. What’s more, the boxes will retain their shape, are easier to stack, and do not open up during transport due to moisture or abrasion. You can simply remove the staples again when placing the boxes into storage or reusing the boxes. It is best to use a top stapler or plier stapler for stapling. They are available from us in different versions. For larger quantities, use a pneumatic stapler or a battery powered device to save your strength. Stapling is even faster when using bottom staplers. However, as the name suggests, the latter remain in one and the same place.

    Desk staplers are particularly suitable for paper, plastic bags, blister packs and/or thin solid cardboard. In the right version, they are also suitable for ongoing use, making them the ideal choice if you want to add cardboard tags to large quantities of plastic bags.

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