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It's not just on the motorway that electric mobility can unfold its full potential – our exclusive electric transport equipment can also get both the balance sheet and operations up to speed at your company.

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Factory Pallet Transprters: new impetus for your operational logistics

Transport equipment can be as manoeuvrable, as ergonomic and as cleverly designed as you like, but when a full load needs to be moved over a long distance, the process is likely to be as strenuous, and possibly even as inefficient, as ever.

We do, however, have a solution for this problem in our shop: electric transport equipment! Electric transport equipment is the ideal complement to the trolleys we offer for the workshop, for trades and for industry, giving them a powerful and multifunctional electric drive unit that moves the transport equipment quickly and safely without making your employees overdo it.

You too can now benefit from all the advantages that electric transport equipment brings – making work easier for your employees, moving heavy loads quickly and, above all, systematically. Fatigue? Overexertion? Wasted time? Those days are done!

Where electric transport equipment is best used

The number of places that electric transport equipment can be used in is only exceeded by the number of functions it offers. It is used in warehouses, workshops, supermarkets, salesrooms or all sorts of other places where larger quantities of material need to be readily available, such as outdoor storage or delivery zones. They make working with heavy goods and materials much easier wherever they are used. Why complicate things when they can be so straightforward? Purchase electric transport equipment now!

Are there any advantages or disadvantages to electric platform trolleys or electric transport equipment?

Most products for electric mobility have been designed for transporting people. However, as companies with lots of goods to transport know, electric platform trolleys or electric transport equipment can do a whole lot more. Compact lithium ion batteries used for our NEO e-module provide extra impetus and make getting around and manoeuvring much easier. They also guarantee fatigue-free operation. Loads of up to 500 kg can be moved without effort. It's also easy to couple multiple trolleys using Bluetooth to operate them as a fleet.

Compared to conventional transport equipment for workshops and industry, electric models have a higher purchase price and need to be recharged regularly. The replaceable battery system, however, ensures they are always ready for use. The equipment quickly pays for itself by helping logistics proceed more smoothly and protecting your employees from injury.

Which products are available?

We're moving into the future at our own pace: our range of transport equipment with electric drives provides you with a constantly increasing number of products from EUROKRAFTpro to choose from. Our premium own brand gives your electric transport equipment that is ready to use, ranging from platform and assembly trolleys to shelf trucks and box trolleys, and even includes cupboard trolleys. Their wide range of uses, high quality workmanship and manoeuvrability make these models particularly popular.

Our TAKKTOR electric tractor series allows you to move a convoy of trolleys and trailers packed with loads of up to 1000 or 2000 kilograms – without a special driving licence, but with maximum flexibility. You'll also find specially developed coupling systems in our shop, and along with standard pin couplings, there are also special couplings for transporting roll containers and Corlettes.

Electric retrofit sets for platform trolleys already in use

Do you already have a trolley? Perfect! Our EUROKRAFTpro NEO e-module retrofit kit is suitable for most EUROKRAFTpro platform trolleys, and transforms them into state-of-the-art electric runabouts with a minimum of effort. You'll get up to eight hours of electric operation from each charge. Which trolley is suitable? Just take a look at the recommendation on the respective product page. Or contact our customer service – we are happy to help.

Do I need any particular charging infrastructure for electric transport equipment?

In general, lithium ion batteries for electric transport equipment do not need any particular charging infrastructure. However, if your business is already on its way to an emission-free future, equipping it with wall connectors and charging columns for different battery types is recommended. If your fleet of electric mobility equipment is growing and e-scooters and electric vehicles are being added to the mix, an infrastructure concept will ensure there's no connection chaos around the company – and save you the search for a suitable socket.

Do you have any questions about electric platform trolleys? Contact us, we will be happy to help you!