Lifting slings

Lift, secure and move workpieces and work materials using lifting straps. And this without any great effort and without putting your health at risk. Discover the products that we have in our lifting technology area now!

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Lifting straps with loops and bars

Lifting straps keep things together that belong together. In our case only temporarily, but with a particularly firm grip. This is also critical when you need to move loads weighing tonnes through the air. And a high load bearing capacity is just one of many advantages that our lifting straps offer.

Which properties do lifting straps exhibit?

Lifting slings made by kaiserkraft are light in weight and can lift heavy loads. Depending on the model, they can keep more than 10000 kg airborne without any risk of a strap tearing. At the same time, they protect sensitive loads with their soft material and broad support surface.

Speaking of material: our lifting straps are made of hardwearing and temperature resistant polyester fabric made in accordance with DIN EN 1492-1. They are available both with reinforced end loops and with steel clips for an even longer service life. Moreover, lifting straps are available from kaiserkraft in different lengths. After all, shortening them is a bad idea if you want to retain the full functionality of the strap.

Direct, looped together, folded around – which attachment options do lifting straps offer?

You can use a lifting strap directly with a load hook and an attachment point. But this is just one option of many. If the object that you wish to lift doesn't feature an attachment point, then wind the strap around it once or twice, and attach both ends to the crane. Or guide one end of the strap through the other and attach it to the crane like that. Whether direct, looped together or folded around, a lifting strap will ensure you stay flexible.

What needs to be observed in terms of the load bearing capacity?

The colour provides a first indication of the load bearing capacity of lifting straps:

  • Dark green: 500 kg

  • Violet: 1000 kg

  • Light green: 2000 kg

  • Yellow: 3000 kg

  • Grey: 4000 kg

  • Red: 5000 kg

  • Brown: 6000 kg

  • Orange: ≥10000 kg

More detailed information can be found in our product descriptions. They also inform you of how the load bearing capacity changes with a large angle of inclination and extreme temperatures. This will keep you safe from any unpleasant surprises. And there's plenty of leeway too: if you double up the strap, it can carry twice as much.

How long can lifting straps be used for?

For as long as they remain in a flawless condition. Lifting straps do, however, need to be replaced if there is any form of damage or deformation. To ensure you don't miss this critical moment and risk an accident with severe consequences, having them inspected by an expert is mandatory once a year.

Do you have any questions concerning the properties and use of lifting straps? We're available for you personally. And, of course, when you're searching for lifting slings or a matching crane as well.

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