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With assembly work, good organisation is key. The most important small parts for assembly, repairs and workshops are always to hand in assortment boxes for DIN standard parts. From screws to plugs and connectors to seals – with the standard parts assortments from the online shop at kaiserkraft, you always have the right DIN standard parts to hand.

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DIN and standard parts: The right accessories at your fingertips

DIN and standardised parts are indispensable in industry and trade. You can store small parts clearly organised in assortment boxes. This means that fasteners, seals and other essential accessories are always close to hand.

What are standard parts?

DIN and standardised parts comply with certain standards in terms of their shape, design and usability. These include typical supplier products that are constantly used in industry and trade, such as dowels and nails. All kinds of seals, screws and springs should always be available too. There's no point buying these parts individually – especially if you need different sizes or versions of the same accessories.

The advantages of DIN and standard parts ranges

Standardised parts ranges work out cheaper than individual procurement. Thanks to a large number of parts and wide range, you can ensure that everything runs like clockwork. Because if a standard part breaks, you can find a direct replacement in the assortment box. Stocking up carefully is therefore essential to avoid all types of downtimes due to missing accessories.

Each set comes in a clearly organised plastic box. In this box you will find different sizes of the particular product class – sorted by colour. Wondering where to store the boxes when you don't need them? Well, they can be easily stacked, thus saving space.

Need a certain small part for use with hand tools? Then simply get in contact with us – our friendly customer service team will be happy to assist you personally.

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