Industrial chairs

Has your back started aching again at the end of the day? It’s neither your age nor your job. It’s all caused by the wrong chair. Healthy sitting is not a matter of luck. It has to do with the right chair.

Ergonomic industrial office desk chairs for production and the workshop

Spending all day sitting and working – that was yesteryear! Ergonomics is one of the most important topics when it comes to workplace health. Our industrial chairs give you a crash course in healthy seating, working while at ease, and satisfied employees. Take a seat and pay attention!

What can today’s industrial chairs do?

No matter how comfortable it can be, sitting is one of the most unnatural and harmful postures we can assume. The vertebrae are placed in an unhealthy curve, blood cannot circulate properly to the legs, muscles and tendons are subjected to a one-sided strain for long periods. Bad posture caused by working with heavy workpieces or tools for hours at a stretch only add to this.

Today’s industrial chairs, industrial stools and anti-fatigue stools aim to promote healthy sitting, to improve posture in certain working positions, and to encourage your employees to get up and move around more often. That’s why we recommend ergonomic, height adjustable industrial chairs for production and the workshop. Our industrial chairs are available with or without armrests, with or without castors, with or without back rests, with or without foot rests or foot rings and, of course, with height adjustment mechanisms.

  • Industrial chairs support and relieve the back at neuralgic points along the spine.

  • Specially moulded seat surfaces enable the ideal leg position for better blood circulation.

  • Rocker and tilting mechanisms allow relaxing motions in between.

  • Height adjustable frames adapt perfectly to body size and build.

  • High quality upholstery and covers with special properties for cleanrooms and similar environments turn ergonomics into basic equipment in every area of work.

What is the difference between industrial chairs and office chairs?

In the office, no-one needs to remain alert at an assembly line or work on an electrostatically sensitive component. That’s why office chairs are primarily focused on comfort, ergonomics and relieving the strain of the typical posture people assume at a desk.

Industrial chairs are also used in production, workshops, laboratories or cleanrooms. For environments like this, they must be equipped with special covers, ESD and hygienic frames as well as the corresponding ESD castors. Many industrial chairs also have a greater overall height, which is required at machines and assembly lines.

What are the best industrial chairs? How do I choose the right industrial chair?

There are clear regulations covering suitability for use in different areas of the company that present special requirements. To ensure the right fit for each employee, it’s best to ask the actual users what they need.

The optimal industrial chair depends on the employee’s weight, height, gender and basic physical requirements. There is therefore no one-size-fits-all solution for the entire company and all employees.

In general, you’ll be on the safe side with industrial chairs that allow the greatest possible flexibility in terms of the back rest, seat height, seat inclination and seat mobility. By the way: we also have ESD industrial chairs and desks. You can find more details on the respective product page. For more details, please contact our customer service!

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