Absorbent sheeting

Absorbent sheeting is incredibly absorbent, incredibly hardwearing and, above all, suitable for substances which a simple cloth has no chance of cleaning up. Order oil absorbent sheeting and products for leakage management in different classifications for indoor and outdoor use now – or read on for more detailed information in the text.

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Absorbent sheeting: as a precaution, as a remedy, and for emergencies

The first rule of leakage management is to assume that something can always go wrong. The second rule states that although it is better to be safe than sorry, should an emergency actually occur, things can still be brought under control. If hazardous liquids are involved, then using absorbent sheeting is recommended in all three cases.

What is absorbent sheeting?

Together with absorbent granulates as well as absorbent socks and absorbent cushions, absorbent sheeting is an indispensable absorbent agent when it comes to leakage management. While granulates are used in emergencies, absorbent sheeting is also an important component of daily hazardous goods handling.

The sheets that come both with and without barrier film are, for example, placed under machinery as a preventive measure or are a component of the basic equipment used when changing oil in company vehicles. What’s more, robust models with several sheet layers and barrier film can be used as mats for walkways in critical areas. In an emergency, oil absorbent sheeting is suitable for use not only on land, but also on water.

Which types of absorbent sheeting are available?

Absorbent sheeting is differentiated according to the type of liquid to be absorbed, as well as according to its absorbent capacity and the qualities it needs for different jobs. To make differentiation easier, absorbent sheeting for emergencies is colour coded:

  • HazMat absorbent sheeting for caustic, corrosive and aggressive liquids comes in pink

  • Universal absorbent sheeting for everything from coolants to weak chemicals comes in grey

  • Oil absorbent sheeting for use with petrol, diesel etc. and on water comes in blue or white

  • Chemical absorbent sheeting for acids, alkaline solutions, alcohol and aggressive media comes in yellow

The material qualities range from single layer absorbent sheeting for single use for leaks that tend not to cause major problems, to 8 layer heavy-weight models for HazMat emergencies.

3 layer Pro models with or without a film are suitable for continuous use under machinery, on walkways, or as an underlay on workbenches.

In addition, you can choose whether you prefer to order absorbent cloths as practical cut-to-size sheets, or as absorbent sheeting on a roll. Rolls of absorbent sheeting are ideal for larger areas, while cut-to-size sheets are ideal for daily (manual) work.

What are the benefits of absorbent sheeting compared to other absorbent agents?

  • It has a high absorption capacity and can bind liquid quickly.

  • It is easy and inexpensive to dispose of.

  • Requirements are easy to calculate based on use.

  • It is effective and safe to use even by novices in an emergency.

  • It is suitable for water – especially as absorbent sheeting that only absorbs oil (no water).

What are the drawbacks of absorbent sheeting compared to other absorbent agents?

  • It is not as effective on uneven or porous floors as granules are.

  • It is not as safe as, and holds less than, emergency sump trays.

We will be happy to explain to you in person why absorbent sheeting is an important component of your company’s spillage emergency kits and give you advice on which products to select for daily use. Simply contact us!