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No-one wants the high jinx stacking up. This creates all the more demand for drawbar stackers, manual stackers or wide gauge stackers. For in-house handling, warehousing and transport, stackers are simply indispensable these days. We therefore have stackers with all sorts of different designs – all of which boast the very best, technically flawless quality.

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Drawbar stackers: these weightlifters are extremely useful

Even though strength training is good for the body, it's better to leave the weightlifting in warehouses and factories to modern lifting equipment. Our drawbar stackers are used where space is too narrow for large machines. There are also other reasons why our product range makes for more flexible storage logistics that makes work easier for your employees.

What are the differences between the various stacker types?

In addition to the classic forklift truck with driver's cab, there are numerous drawbar stacker types that have a far smaller motor but, instead, are more versatile. That's why we're concentrating on these types in our standard product range:

  • Electric lift trucks are the power update to the classic fork lift truck and therefore also suitable for longer transport paths in the company.

  • Manual stackers are an inexpensive manual aid, especially when loading and unloading lorries. They have a smaller load capacity but they are manoeuvrable, low maintenance and versatile.

  • High lift stackers get their name from the large lifting heights for this equipment class which can be up to three metres in our product range. With their compact dimensions, these stackers can even navigate through very tight rows of shelves.

  • Wide gauge stackers are ideal for delicate handling of sensitive goods on pallets. They surround the pallet with their support legs and have width adjustable forks to safely pick up the pallet from the side.

  • (Electric) drawbar stackers are the space saving and drawbar alternative to the classic forklift truck. They feature a particularly compact design and various lifting ranges for your requirements. They are convenient and safe to operate.

Is there a risk of drawbar stackers tipping over during operation?

Every model that wishes to make it through the TÜV German safety standard and through to retail must be equipped with numerous safety elements. This includes, for example, the special design where the maximum lifting heights match the maximum permitted loads. Therefore, if you use drawbar stackers in compliance with regulations, there is no risk of tipping.

What oil should I use for high lift stackers?

To keep the hydraulics of the high lift stacker fully functional, use hydraulic oils complying with DIN 51524. These oils have different temperature ranges and should exactly match the particular working environment.

We will be pleased to supply you with special stackers on request that, for example, are also suitable for mesh pallets or are fitted with a driver's stand. Please let us know if you have any questions or wishes.

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