Stability and design – exclusive office furniture from THEA
Thea furniture is a product of low-emission manufacturing. However, this office furniture series also fulfils requirements for flexibility, use and design. Discover the high quality selection.

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The Thea office furniture series – from low emission manufacturing
The Thea office furniture series allows you to furnish office space in a function and healthy manner. When Thea office furniture is manufactured, particular emphasis is placed on producing the furniture items with as few emissions as possible. This is also healthy as many unnecessary hazardous substances are omitted from the production process. The benefits of Thea office material series are not restricted to the sustainable manufacturing process but also include the functionality, stability and design of the products. As an exclusive office furniture series, Thea belongs to the SELECT group. The generously dimensioned fold-out cable duct is particularity useful for the horizontal routing of electric cables, as both the interior of the desk as well as the exterior can be used. An optionally available cable sleeve helps you with the vertical cabling of your workplaces. The drawers of the mobile pedestals of the office furniture series are functional and robust as they are made of metal and have central locking and pull-out stops. The Thea office furniture series also includes very stable shelf units and cupboards fitted with a 45 mm high steel plinth that bears the weight of the firmly bonded and dowelled body. You can store records and files here as the hinged doors or sliding doors can be locked. The design of the functional Thea office furniture series is just as high quality. The furniture is available in the colours antique white, light grey or with a maple finish. As the series has all of the important products for completely furnishing an office, you can choose the item of furniture to suit your office here.

The Thea office furniture series and its variants
You have already decided to opt for the Thea office furniture series and furnished your office with a wide selection from the series? However, now you need for space on the desk or a solution for meetings in your office? No problem. The Thea office furniture series includes linking tops for desks and round extension tables in matching cupboards. It is also possible to purchase shelf units, cupboards and roll containers later if you need more space for your files and folders. Should you not be certain about the optimum arrangement of your office furniture, our CAD planning service is there to help you if desired.