Cable ties, cords

Cable ties, cords and rubber bands keep things tidy, save shipping materials and secure or bundle your goods quickly and easily. Discover our range now or read on below for more information!

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Cable ties and cords: no cable spaghetti

Cable ties, cords and rubber bands are practical aids against poor organisation, transport problems or challenging shipments. They also stop you from having to tediously untangle cables or eternally search for small parts. No question: you should always have cable ties, rubber rings and cords in stock!

What are cable ties and cords used for?

For sealing and labelling, you often only need a few aids: cable ties and cords bundle, close and sort products of all kinds – from waste sacks to bags for small parts, for example, with a bag closure. They are a handy (and reusable) alternative to adhesive and packing tapes and can be used to attach inscriptions, tags and labels.

Cable ties and cords are even used in assembly – for temporary barriers or mounting, for example. The rubber band needs hardly any explanation. It is always at hand, not only in the warehouse or workshop, but also in the office and in administration, in the household and leisure time.

Are cable ties reusable?

Cable ties are available both as a plastic fastener with a blocking system for single use and as a reusable model:

  1. The blocking system according to the DIN standard is recommended, for example, for bundling and securing electrical cables or offers more safety and better organisation in shipping.

  2. Reusable cable ties are more environmentally friendly, but they are not as tight as single use models. However, they are ideally suited for bundling electrical cables on household appliances and the like or for closing bags of all kinds.

How do I fasten a cable tie?

Put the loop through the eyelet and pull tight – that’s all you need to know about a cable tie. However, for single use models, you should determine where the cable tie needs to sit and what length is suitable before tightening it. The longer the cable tie, the better and more securely it can be tightened.

Very important: if possible, do not cut the ends too short so that a tight fit can be guaranteed.

What do I use cords for?

Cords are used to tie up boxes and parcels. Cords made of synthetic fibres are particularly tear resistant and can withstand up to 100 kilograms of tensile force. Lightweight natural fibres have a resistance of up to 20 kilograms. Cords are a perfect mix of individual length and flexible use, even though they have to be knotted well to do their job perfectly.

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