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You'll find the most economic solution for flexible room and workstation layouts here: partitions and room dividers. Quick to set up and rearrange, the individual walls give you privacy in no time, help reduce distracting noises and effectively promote concentration.

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Office partitions and room dividers – as much privacy as you need!

Have you ever tried holding an unhurried discussion with a customer in an open-plan office full of hustle and bustle? Or tried concentrating when phones are ringing everywhere? Then you'll know why office partition wall systems and office dividers are one of the most important and ingenious solutions when it comes to modern office furnishings. Our flexible room screen dividers will also make every day work more peaceful and organised in the workshop and industry as well.

What can partitions and room dividers do in the company?

Our office screens in the office product area apply the concept used for our prefab offices for large warehouses and production facilities to the administrative wing: they present you with a way to adapt an open floor plan to your own requirements of space and organisation, while at the same time counteracting the drawbacks of open-plan structures:

  • A lack of privacy – for example in an open-plan office – is reduced by means of noise absorbing partitions that shield you from the view of others.

  • Stylish display walls and screen systems divide up a room visually and quieten it down without compromising the open-plan concept.

  • Display boards provide a defined area for company presentations – also when exhibiting at trade fairs, for example.

  • Should the requirements of the space and the composition of the teams working in them change according to project, then partitions can be used to create work zones without a room having to be found first.

This makes partitions and wall dividers a modern answer to a changing world of work: they allow your plans to be implemented flexibly at any time, and only a few movements are required to partition off a specific work area and to furnish it with the corresponding office furniture.

You'll also find a reasonable balance between a quiet working atmosphere and close teamwork, and will, incidentally, also satisfy important occupational health and safety requirements in relation to noise exposure with our room screen dividers.

Which partitions are there, and what are the specific models suitable for?

In any case, making a selection from our range of partitions and room dividers according to certain aspects is worthwhile:

  • Glass with a satin finish for display walls and screens strikes an optimum balance between high levels of representativeness, more privacy and an open room concept.

  • Premium sound proof office partitions are essential in offices where many discussions are held in particular. These include call centres, editorial offices or also offices that are open to customers.

  • Screens with fabric covers or other partitions with opaque screens can, for example, be used to hide unsightly storage areas in an open-plan office, or also conceal the temporary storage space at a trade fair stand.

  • Individual sound absorption elements for direct use at a desk ensure fewer disruptions (when making phone calls), while still allowing lively discussions between colleagues at neighbouring desks. This is an important aspect when collaborating on projects.

  • Presentation boards function as room dividers and display areas to present your company image at the same time. They have a big impact at trade fairs, as well as when used as an information board or memo board in the office.

Another useful tip: many of our partitions can be combined and plugged together to create a winning room concept. And this without tools. What you need to keep in mind is illustrated by examples in our Planning guide for Connect partitions.

Are there products for sensitive work areas such as cleanrooms or workshops as well?

Display walls aren't just an innovative solution for the office, but also for use in the workshop and in industry. These models, however, need to satisfy stricter standards for surface quality, robustness and noise absorption properties.

You'll find a range of options here that allow you to choose among our industrial partitions made of sturdy perforated sheet metal with special noise absorption panels. This solution is ideally suited for partitioning off individual workshop areas to reduce noise exposure. If you wish to configure a factory office or similar area flexibly, you'll find we have exactly the right partition systems for you on offer.

If you need a solution that is even more individual, or you require solutions for sensitive areas such as clean rooms, then we recommend getting in touch with our service department. This is especially worthwhile when you have questions about our product range. And if you'd like to know how to create a flexible space in your company with partitions, chairs and desks, then we'll have an answer for you as well.

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