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What do I actually need for strapping...? To a certain extent, that depends on what you want to package. But you'll certainly need straps, a dispenser, a tensioning and sealing device and a seal for the strap. Or make things easy for yourself and just order one of our practical strapping sets. It includes everything you need, and everything is a perfect match.

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The full package for safe goods transport: strapping sets

Shipments secured using strapping are sure to arrive in better condition. In order to wrap the load with sealing straps, to tension and secure the straps, you need tools specially made for this purpose. The online shop operated by kaiserkraft has strap dispensers, tensioning and sealing tools, metal buckles and seals for purchase – not only individually, but also as inexpensive sets.

The right strapping set for every type of transport

Depending on the size, weight and properties of the packages, straps made of different materials are used for strapping them. The respective properties of the strapping, in turn, determine the technology and properties of the equipment used. We therefore carry a wide range of strapping sets for straps made of steel, composite materials, or plastic. Which goods would you like to secure before you send them on their journey? And how often? Let’s assume you send out heavy, sharp edged goods by sea several times a week – then the strapping set with a mobile dispenser for steel strapping, along with a tensioning and sealing tool, would be the best thing to order. Or do you only occasionally have smaller packages and lighter cardboard boxes to ship? In that case, we would recommend the strapping set consisting of a one piece tensioning and sealing tool, with 1000 m of PP strapping in a strap dispenser box plus seals: handy, inexpensive, the perfect starter set. What’s ideal when there’s lots of strapping to be done, both on pallets and heavy cardboard boxes: the PET strapping set with 2000 m of polyester strapping on a mobile dispenser, a tensioning and sealing tool, and seals.

As you can see, the range of products available in kaiserkraft’s online shop is large and varied. Make sure you take your time when choosing the right set. Find the components and product features that cater perfectly to your needs before making a decision about what to purchase. It is worth it.

Protection for shipments, packaging and more…

That’s got you exactly the right strapping set. By the way: once used up, individual components such as strapping or seals can be reordered separately. Do you still need accessories like edge protection or additional packaging materials? We have everything for the company, and customer service is our top priority. Talk to us – we listen to you carefully and are happy to help.

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