Retention packaging, studded foam packaging

The goods you are transporting are protected in retention packaging so reliably that no additional packaging material is required. You save time, money and storage space. Make sure you send your goods safely and choose from our range of reliable and sustainable packaging alternatives.

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Retention packaging and studded foam packaging: no room for damage

Some goods are too fragile to be sent with just filling material in the cardboard box. In retention packaging and foam packaging, electronic components, laptops and fragile flat goods are sent on their way as if they were embedded in clouds. They ensure that nothing moves around, which contributes to high levels of customer satisfaction.

What makes retention packaging special?

As postal packaging, retention packaging provides maximum protection at the same time as efficient material use. Precisely fitted cardboard inserts, all round cushioning with studded foam, a film to fix them in place, or double membrane packaging protect goods from impacts, dust and moisture during transport. Retention packaging and studded foam packaging is distinguished by the following features:

  • High transport safety without additional filling material

  • Compact dimensions for low cost post and parcel mailing

  • Suitability as a storage and warehousing solution

  • Fast and efficient packing

  • Reduction of the range of packaging required in the company

Retention packaging – in particular membrane packaging or cardboard versions with inserts – is also a stylish way to present goods to showcase them when they are received and unpacked by the customer. Details like this shouldn’t be underestimated when it comes to customer impact in e-commerce, for example.

When do I use which retention packaging?

Whether you opt for retention packaging, foam packaging or membrane packaging essentially depends on the size of the goods and their properties.

  • Single or multi-part retention packaging made of cardboard can be used with retention film to adapt to flatter, rectangular goods such as laptops as well as irregularly shaped small goods. The film primarily provides anti-slip protection and any impacts are absorbed by the outer packaging.

  • Especially sustainable retention packaging made of moulded pulp is particularly good at absorbing impacts and can even be used for sending electronics safely. It benefits the environment, because the complete single material solution made from recycled material can be returned to the resource cycle using the waste paper bin.

  • Studded foam packaging is suitable for flat goods, for example, because it provides all round protection. Picture frames or circuit boards are also well protected in this shock absorbing packaging.

  • Membrane packaging allows you to mail ''floating'' goods. The products are perfectly fixed between two films and impacts are reliably absorbed. This related product is worthwhile for sensitive precision goods with irregular geometries and finite weights.

You only need a small amount of adhesive tape to seal them, and a branded label with your logo or advertising slogan will often be sufficient.

We will be happy to provide you with additional information on tips and trends on the topic of packaging. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.