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Presentation kits want to stand in the limelight! This is because they make their presence felt when there's exciting presentations or meetings to hold. Furthermore, presentation cases are also a practical means of storing cards, pens, markers and pins in an organised way. They ensure you have everything you need with you.

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    Presentation kits– containing everything your meeting needs

    Can a little card provide the spark behind a business's success? Yes, it can. A presentation kit delivers such cards and everything else needed to visualise and organise ideas. Because these aren't just colourful bits of paper but a tangible company advantage.

    What must a presentation kit include?

    The key components in our range of presentation cases are the different coloured and shaped communication cards. You can use them to arrange questions, answers, solutions or strategies in diagrams on mobile pinboards or whiteboards and pin boards. Of course, you need the appropriate writing instruments which should always include high-contrast felt pens with a wide tip.

    The contents of a good presentation case are accompanied by means to fasten cards to various surfaces as well as glue sticks and adhesive tape. You can use them, for example, to hang up diagrams on flip charts in the room and recall them during the workshop.

    How much can a presentation case hold?

    Our magnetoplan presentation cases and boxes are geared towards professional requirements and intensive use. The professional models comprise more than 2,800 parts. If you prefer a compact starter set, this also provides no less than 1,800 parts for a presentation and moderation.

    The little cards take up the most room and should be refilled once they've been used. You can also order presentation cases with different compartments and inserts and fill them as required. Here we also advise you to include as many cards as possible.

    Is a presentation case the best option?

    The case has become so popular because it's the best way of transporting all the individual parts and of ensuring that the cards, etc. are not damaged during storage and transport. A cheaper cardboard version is also adequate to begin with but, sooner or later, investing in the sturdy professional version always pays off.

    By the way, if you're looking for tips for a successful workshop, we have put together a guide on moderating for you and are happy to advise you in person when choosing the right materials.

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