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Lift and lower, lift again and back down... it's hard to imagine production work flows and logistics processes without lifting tables. Their universal usability makes lifting tables the perfect assistant in warehouses and workshops as an ergonomic ''load reliever''.

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Lift tables – for healthy work at heights

Up-down, down-up – with warehouse or installation work it sometimes never ends! So put a different size table in every corner? We've got a better idea: a lift table from kaiserkraft allows your staff to flexibly adapt the working height. With little effort. This protects employees' backs. Furthermore, our lift tables are really powerful and even available as mobile versions.

Why working with a lift table is healthier and more efficient

Have you ever tried to lift a 100 kg object onto a table? This is a piece of cake for our lift tables. Depending on the model, they can raise up to 8000 kilos – with no signs of flagging. How high it goes is up to you. The height of the lift tables with hydraulic or electro-hydraulic drive is infinitely adjustable. Your employees can therefore adopt a healthy and relaxed posture for any task, no matter their size. Moreover, they don't have to be so worried about an object falling on their toes. Lift tables are also excellent at overcoming height differences within conveyor systems.

What different types of lifting table are there?

A distinction is made between low profile lift tables and compact lift tables. The main difference between them is the overall height. This is greater with compact lifting tables because the hydraulic power unit is located underneath the platform. Low profile lift tables are not as high. Depending on the model, they can be loaded via a ramp or directly via a fork lift truck. As a mobile lift table with rollers, lifting platform trolleys combine the advantages of lift tables with conventional pallet trucks. If you wish to transport pallets, we recommend models with forks. Lift tables with closed platforms are the ideal solution for single objects.

Most lifting tables and lifting platform trucks are scissor lift tables. You can reach particularly high with double and triple scissors. Lift and tilt tables are particularly useful, for example, when your staff have to take objects out of high containers or mesh pallets.

How are they operated?

Depending on the model, stationary and mobile lift tables are raised using pedals and levers or buttons. When things have to be done really fast, a Quicklift function is handy. Telescopic lift tables aren't quite as convenient but they are inexpensive, extremely durable and can be set to the exact millimetre.

How you find the right lift table

You can get lift tables from kaiserkraft in many different versions. The following questions will help you to find the right one more quickly:

  • How much weight must the lift table bear?

  • What is the ideal length and width for you?

  • Do you want to just raise objects or transport them as well?

  • Do you wish to lift pallets, individual objects or both?

  • How high do you need it to go?

  • Is it better for you if the lift table can tilt to the side? Do you have any further questions on lift tables or other lifting equipment?

Ask us. We'll be pleased to help you make a selection. Ultimately we want you to reach great heights.

And of course, the expert advisors at kaiserkraft are always willing to hear your special requirements and make them possible.

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