Cleaning trolleys

Buckets, cleaning agents, cleaning cloths, brooms, mops and much more... anyone who doesn't want to have to cart everything around on their own when cleaning should own a cleaning trolley to cart it all around instead. There's space for everything, making every cleaning utensil easily accessible.

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Cleaning trolleys – no more carrying

Frequent drivers strain their backs? Depends on the vehicle. Cleaning trolleys from brands such as Eurokraft or Quipo promote the back health of your cleaning staff when used frequently. They also make cleaning even more effective. This is how driving pays off for everyone involved.

Back-friendly cleaning trolleys for every area of application

Goodbye carrying, hello pushing! Full buckets can be moved from A to B without much effort using a wet mop trolley. Cleaning agents can be stored on the shelf and a mop wringer is also on board.

Sounds good, but is it? Then choose one or two sizes bigger. You will find cleaning trolleys in various variants and sizes at kaiserkraft. One or two buckets with a capacity of between 6 and 30 litres, holders for waste sacks, several shelves, plastic trays and much more – the choice is yours. Mobile cleaning stations are suitable not only for transport but also for the storage of cleaning utensils; trolleys suitable for HAACP are approved for sanitary areas, hospitals and swimming pools. Swivel castors with bumper discs protect the furniture when the wagon hits it.

Further accessories for industrial cleaning

Because driving alone is not enough to keep everything clean, you get a wide range of cleaning products, cloths and machines for industrial cleaning at kaiserkraft. In this way you create ideal conditions for a sparkling clean working environment, which is known to be as healthy as it is easy on the back. You can find tips on how to make your selection in our Industrial Cleaning Purchasing Guide, for example.

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