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All tools always at hand: With a tool trolley, you can safely store hammers, saws, nails and other hand tools of various types and sizes. With mobile models with wheels, you can easily and quickly bring them to their place of use. Discover high-quality tool trolleys from kaiserkraft for your workshop.

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Tool box trolley: the flexible workshop trolleys

With tool box trolleys, you can store tools, but also small parts, such as screws and dowels, safely in one place; this improves your organisation and ensure workshop order. The workshop trolleys have drawers that you can equip exactly according to the requirements of your workplace. In addition, a mobile tool trolley can move exactly where needed. This way, you can use workshop trolleys to reduce walking distances and optimise work processes.

The advantages of mobile tool box trolleys

If you need several different hand tools or components for a task, mobile tool carts make your work noticeably easier. Because they bring all the parts to the respective work location simultaneously, this is particularly worthwhile for non-standard repair and service tasks that often require various small parts. But a tool trolley is also advantageous for one-off production and individual assemblies. The reason: Here, too, every handle and tool requirement is different.

Would you like professional support with manual work? Mobile tool trolleys are ready for use anywhere in the workshop, thanks to smooth-running wheels and functional production. Mobile tool trolleys become practical helpers and a suitable choice, especially if you are on the move while working. With mobile tool trolleys, you always have your tools as well as small parts and other work materials at hand.

Practical tool trolleys with modular inserts

For optimised work processes, equip the tool trolley with professional tool kits. You can place versions with shadow boards directly in the drawers. Thanks to its full extension, you can quickly find the necessary tools when working. At the same time, you can keep your tools organised as every piece has its place where you can safely stow it away.

Individual drawer dividers or inserts organise the trolley's equipment according to your needs. You can also complement the tool trolley with additional accessory products. Perforated wall structures give you a quick overview and make access easier. With appropriate brackets and individually movable shelves, you can adapt the models to your work use.

Tool trolleys that you can add to and equip on a modular basis provide special freedom of design and organisation. They also offer the advantage that employees can independently organise their workplace with the appropriate inserts, supports and plates. They can be reassembled again and again in just a few simple steps.

Other means of transport for companies and workshops

Are you looking for other practical transport options for smaller and larger parts? In our online shop, you will also find a selection of assembly trolleys and sack trucks for your workshop. Contact us with any questions that might come up, and we will happily help you.

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