Name badges, tabletop poster holders

Know exactly who! Name plates will tell your counterpart exactly whom they are dealing with. Tabletop stands are an unobtrusive way of sharing information.

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Have we had the pleasure...? Of course! With name badges and menu stands from kaiserkraft

The same thing, day in, day out: While you've already made the acquaintance of the account manager and the programming expert, you've already forgotten the name of the commissioner again. And what was the accountant's name again? Whether you're at a trade fair, a conference or at the reception desk, whenever you're coming face to face with several strangers at the same time, they're definitely worth having

all types of name plates. Take your business personally: when you call each other by name, the discussions on acquisitions or the negotiations proceed much more smoothly.

Name plates – the ''Who's who'' becomes an outfit

kaiserkraft has notable eye-catchers for you, some of them visually prominent, others more discrete, but always suitable for the occasion. Personal contact intensifies more quickly within the company or at a function when you're able to address your counterpart by name. This brings rewards, for example in negotiations. And the way you affix the name signs is up to you: choose name plates to clip into place, to pin in place, with magnets or with a fabric strip in accordance with company requirements. One thing is, however, clear: what your name is. Well protected behind high transparency acrylic or hard foil, your name, position or title will always be easy to read.

Read what's put in front of you: tabletop stands from kaiserkraft

Once you've gotten to know each other better, you're more likely to take a seat together at a table. When you have name signs from our wide range of products, employees and customers will know how to address the person they are talking to personally, be this at a meeting or during a training course. Speaking of training courses, do you have the right equipment for them? Presentation cases, flip charts, projector stands or magnetic pins – our online shop does, of course, stock everything you'll need to make your training course, presentation or talk a resounding success. After all, nothing can replace an impressive personal appearance. This is all the more true when you've been outfitted by kaiserkraft. Are you looking for something specific? We'll find it for you. Just ask us!

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