Crowbars and pry bars

The careful way to break things open: crowbars and pry bars are used to create a leverage effect that helps to prise apart particularly stubborn joints. This functions when working on materials made of both stone and wood. Even if nails or glue are holding the materials together, you can use a crowbar to prise apart the connection in no time at all. Discover different models of crowbars, pry bars and pinch bars in the online shop at kaiserkraft.

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Crowbars and pry bars – the force of leverage

Crowbars are versatile tools that have a place in every workshop. For demolition work, gardening or when carrying out repairs – these hand tools exert a lot of leverage even with comparatively little effort. This allows you to loosen even solid connections in no time at all.

What types of crowbars are there?

The main difference between various types of crowbars is the shape of their ends. Depending on the leverage and working angle required, you will find, for example, models with rounded ends for prising up paving stones or for work on brickwork. The tool known as a claw bar features a claw head instead of a chisel. It is used as a type of pry bar and removes screws or nails that are firmly embedded in the material.

The classic crowbar with a curved or straight edge converts the force of leverage in an optimum ratio to its length. Suitable for versatile use in confined spaces, variable tools with a joint and rolling head are also available to order. You can achieve optimum leverage with crowbars with round or multi-edge profiles – after all, they can be gripped particularly firmly.

What is a pry bar suitable for?

You can use pliers to remove nails or screws from a number of different surfaces. However, if you use a pry bar, you will save time, effort and energy. This is especially true if the fastening and base material are difficult to pry apart. In addition, using a pry bar reduces the risk that brittle or damaged nails and screws will break.

Use the head of a pair of pliers to exert spot pressure on the screw head while you fit a pry bar firmly underneath it. This allows you to pull the nail or screw out of the base material while distributing the force evenly and gently.

How do you use a crowbar?

When using a crowbar, use your strength in small doses. This also involves evaluating the level of resistance as precisely as possible. This will prevent any elements that are prised out from becoming airborne. You should secure moving surfaces in place using vices or other accessories.

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