Waste caddies

Collecting waste in large offices or over extensive outdoor areas? Inconceivable without our waste collection trolleys, waste caddies and cleaning trolleys. Faster, more flexible, more ergonomic, more comfortable... the practical waste collectors can offer you a whole range of benefits when collecting and removing rubbish and waste. See for yourself!

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Wheelie Bin Trolleys for offices and outdoor areas

You might be dreaming of a fairy godmother who'll fulfil your every wish – by ensuring, for example, that your outdoor areas are cleaned up in an instant, and kept spic-and-span.

While kaiserkraft doesn't have fairy godmothers for purchase, it does have the latest waste collection trolleys in different versions. They are so practical that cleaning up will almost take care of itself.

Dispose of waste quickly and without hurting your back

Anyone who really wants to go to town collecting rubbish should put a pair of gloves on, sling a waste sack over their shoulder and get to work. There are, however, more pleasant ways of keeping active. Waste collection trolleys from kaiserkraft will ensure offices and outdoor areas are cleaned up quickly, and will give you more time for family and for relaxing after work. And the work won't hurt your back. Its low weight and smooth running wheels and castors make sure of that.

When you're equipped with one, or even several, sets of gripping tongs, then you'll find it even easier to maintain a good figure while cleaning up. After all, why would you want to get up close and personal with rubbish?

From a caddy to an all-wheel drive

You'll find that our shop has waste collection trolleys for beginners and for more experienced and demanding users, as well as for any sort of grounds. Whether a waste caddy with a holding ring for the waste sack, or a cleaning trolley with several containers for separating waste right there and then, there's plenty of choice. Sturdy pneumatic tyres compensate uneven flooring, and are ideal for collecting waste outdoors.

Puncture proof tyres, compartments for holding tools, holders for gripping tongs – when you've got the right equipment, your waste collection trolleys can make just about any wish come true.

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