Coin counters, counterfeit detectors, banknote counters

Have you always wanted to feel like Uncle Scrooge? Then our coin counters, banknote verifiers and banknote counters are exactly the right items for you. And, of course, especially when you have to count larger quantities of small change on a regular basis. The practical counting devices check and add up coins and notes quickly, quietly and reliably. Promise!

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Only money talks – coin counters, banknote verifiers, banknote counters

What makes a game of Monopoly so much fun to play is a nightmare for all companies that handle cash for everyday transactions – funny money. The Euro, as an international currency, is a profitable target for organised criminals. Their forgeries can exhibit such a high quality that the imitations of security features are extremely difficult to recognise manually and visually. kaiserkraft is helping ensure that forgers get the go-to-jail card – or will simply help you to count your cash conveniently and, above all, with absolute accuracy. Coin counters, banknote verifiers and banknote counters: which device is the right one for which requirements?

Secure and convenient: banknote counters from kaiserkraft

Of course, you could simply count all the cash that accumulates over the course of the day by hand – but you'd probably find yourself counting all night. When you need to determine the number of banknotes in particular, it's better to rely on technology rather than sleight of hand. Automatic banknote counters such as the Safescan 2210 count up to 1,000 banknotes per minute, feature an add and batch function, and are suitable for all currencies. Furthermore, they implement a twofold forgery detection process.

If the value of the banknotes needs to be determined as well, then value counters need to get in on the action. Models such as the automatic banknote counter Safescan 2685-S feature configurable counting speeds, a seven-fold forgery detection process and can also count unsorted stacks of notes. With a counting speed of up to 1,500 banknotes per minute, it is particularly suitable for larger companies with a high turnover of cash.

It couldn't be easier: coin counters and coin sorters from kaiserkraft

Many pennies make a pound. This makes counting coins by hand a thankless task. It can, however, be made easier by using the right equipment. Simply dump up to 500 coins into the receiving hopper – the coin counter will sort and count the small change for you in no time at all. The Safescan automatic coin counter and sorter 1250, for example, manages up to 220 coins per minute, informs you about the total value and quantity per denomination, and even shuts down automatically when the coin container is full.

Stay safe from forgeries: banknote verifiers from kaiserkraft

Even if you don't need a counter, you might still want a way to ensure that no-one tries to slip in a forged banknote? Our counterfet banknote detectors are extremely fast, and their compact design also ensures they don't attract attention. This is how it functions: sensors inside the machine check certain security features – the most basic ones are UV markings on a banknote. The counterfeit detector Safescan 50 UV, for example, features an especially powerful UV lamp, and can therefore also check credit cards and passports for authenticity. And those who need even more security will be impressed by the counterfeit detector Safescan 155-S. This model implements a seven-stage forgery detection process, and can operate for up to 30 hours at a time before needing to be recharged.

Increase efficiency and improve the company climate with office machines – how it's done.

Once you're protected from forgeries and have machines to take care of counting the cash, there are a few concerns that you could shelve for the time being. But what happens if the shelves are already bending under the strain? It might just be time to start thinning out the number of folios you have. kaiserkraft also has a solution for you. Document shredders for differently sized offices allow you to free up space. And as well as that, you'll be doing data protection a service by making personal, or even confidential, data illegible. And those documents that you need to keep safe and sound can be protected from wear and tear and the test of time by using laminating devices. Simply take a look at the range of products we have on offer.

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