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Freedom for your desk. And exile for all those bits and pieces that don't really need to be on top of it. Shine a light on our desk space savers! Telephone, monitor, laptop or documents can be organised around the workplace perfectly by using monitor arms, tablet holders, telephone swivel arms or document holders.

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Desk accessories and space savers create room for productivity

It might only be Wednesday, but the week has been busy and the mail is piling up in front of you. Job lists from the last status meeting are competing with the tablet for your attention, and the desperately sought-after assistant is hiding somewhere behind the computer, as so often the case. Things can be different: monitor arms kaiserkraft create space for something more important – your performance. Turn your workstation into a focal point of productivity!

Everything within reach with add-on desktops – when and where you need it

A tidy desk won't just make a good impression on the boss and members of your team. Organisation and structure also promote efficiency. Only when it provides enough space to work in will your workplace live up to its name – and our monitor arms deliver the ideal prerequisites for this: table holders, swivel arms and floor stands keep your hardware ready and within reach with permanently occupying the desk. This means you'll be keeping your work telephone, laptop and tablet on standby rather than on the table.

Speaking of flexibility, can your office desk rise to the challenges that your responsibilities bring? The models from our online shop will elevate your work to new levels – if preferred, up to a height of 127.5 cm, and this electrically. Just as well that the breadth of our product range also makes an impression, extending up to 200 cm depending on the type and your requirements. kaiserkraft provides reliable quality in just about every dimension.

Nothing amiss: office supplies

A workplace that can be used productively is, therefore, easy to implement. But what about classic office supplies? Our product range is enormous: stock up on stationery, pin board paper, notice boards, magnetic pins, rails and film – because a well-stocked office helps get the job done. Once you have everything you need, all you need to do is keep things tidy! And we'd like to be your first point of contact in this regard. Well thought-out organisation systems keep things tidy when you risk being buried in paper, while suspension files, sorting boards, rotary filing systems, trays and much more leave nothing to be desired – or do they? Talk to us. We'll be happy to help you.

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