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One piece of good hygiene advice is to use soap dispensers as washroom equipment. It’s not the first time you’ve heard this? Then you’ll know exactly which product to choose!

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Soap dispensers: for the perfect amount of hygiene

Germs and bacteria can settle anywhere – even on bottles of soap. Soap dispensers for mounting on walls and stands minimise contact and apply the ideal amount of soap, disinfectant and lotions to the skin.One major bonus is that you’ll have your washroom equipment stays for longer, and it is easy to maintain.

Which soap or shower gel dispensers are available for workshops, offices and commercial use?

Industrial soap dispensers are available in a wide variety of sizes, materials, mounting types and dispensing processes. It’s not just about the look or the space available on the wall, but also about the soaps that can be used and the potential applications:

  1. Filling capacity: small soap dispensers that hold 500 ml or more are perfectly adequate for many washrooms or office WCs. Large industrial soap dispensers only make sense if they are subject to frequent use on a daily basis. While soaps and lotions are long lasting, when little is used, their chemical composition does change after a while and can clog nozzles.

  2. Operation: soap dispensers for single handed operation are practical and convenient, but arm lever dispensers or automatic non-contact soap dispensers are more hygienic. In the medical field and high traffic environments in particular, products featuring non-contact operation are clearly the safer choice.

  3. Dosage: spraying, foaming or just dispensing? That depends on the content of the dispenser. Hand disinfectants and similar cleansers should be able to be applied with a broad spray, while soaps with surfactants unfold their cleaning action optimally when they come out of the dispenser already foaming.

  4. Material: stainless steel soap dispensers are mandatory in some business environments because they are easier to keep clean than plastic products. In addition, they are simply longer lasting in workshops and trades. Plastic industrial soap dispensers, however, are more compact, look more attractive, and are easier to accommodate in small wash areas or washrooms.

Tip: many soap dispensers are not only suitable for skincare products, but also for surface disinfection and cleaning. Arm lever dispensers in particular can dispense disinfectants of all kinds quickly and easily. It’s important to install the corresponding paper hand towel dispensers right next to them too.

Which soap or shower gel dispenser is the best?

A soap dispenser alone does not make the washroom equipment complete. If the dispenser and soap or detergent are suitable for each other, then the first step has been taken, at least. However, all equipment for hygiene used in the washroom is important. In principle, a shower gel dispenser is no different to a soap dispenser, apart from the fact that it is placed in the shower. A hand towel dispenser or hand dryer must be provided, as well as waste boxes and waste baskets.

Hygiene instructions: above all, make sure that users have as little contact as possible with equipment when washing process, that all elements are easy and quick to reach.

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