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ESD matting protects your health and ensures the optimum level of safety for your employees. Do you know which type of ESD matting is the right one for which job? Find out everything you need to know right here.

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ESD matting: effective occupational health and perfect safety

Special care is required when dealing with electrical charges. This is why the use of ESD matting or insulating floor matting has now become standard in many industry areas. It provides perfect protection for employees and equipment alike. The only question that remains is which floor or table matting is best suited to your individual requirements. We will help you find the right model with exactly the technical details you need.

What is actually the difference between ESD matting and insulated floor matting?

Insulated matting should be used when working with high electrical voltages, in particular to prevent any risk of your workers being exposed to an electric shock. The insulated floor matting ensures that employees are not earthed, thereby preventing any current from flowing through the body. After all, electric shocks can result in severe cramps or even worse. And this is what you’ll want to prevent – at all costs!

ESD matting protects people and materials when working with electronic components, and ensures a slow and controlled discharge of static electricity by diverting charges to the floor through the bottom of the mat. This is because electrostatic discharge (or ESD for short), which occurs when objects and materials with different charges come into contact with each other, can not only cause harm to your employees, but also to materials and sensitive components (e.g. printed circuit boards). Should this occur, then the quality and functionality of products may be compromised. Incidentally, this applies even to low-voltage charges that are barely perceptible to humans.

Conductive ESD matting is most frequently used on work surfaces, while ESD floor matting or antistatic matting with ESD protection are best used under people’s feet. ESD matting is also is general use in the electrical industry, above all, but can also provide an important protective function in office buildings.

Important workplace regulations for ESD workplaces

Workplaces must be designed to reduce static charges and prevent static discharge. ESD clothing, in the form of special ESD shoes, a coat and an ESD wristband, are therefore required. The ESD wrist straps are also available as a set with the ESD matting. The antistatic earth wrist straps function to provide employees with additional protection from sudden electric shocks. Tools, chairs and workbenches should also be able to dissipate static charges. Only then is it possible to work safely and handle sensitive products correctly.

Discover complete sets with an earth cable and wrist strap in our online shop. The matting is made of a hardwearing PVC surface, and is elastic and anti-slip. This allows you to work both safely and comfortably.

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