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We're starting to feel the pressure – or to be more exact, the negative pressure. This is the simple principle behind every suction lifter: a vacuum is generated between the suction lifter disc and the smooth surface of the object being transported, making heavy loads easy to lift and move. A real relief for you and your colleagues!

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Suction lifters: safe transport using muscle power

There's a whole series of transport-related challenges that can be mastered with electrical assistance. And yet there are some materials and goods that are best moved using muscle power. After all, a little dexterity is often required for sensitive or unwieldy items. And the clever principle on which our suction lifters are based.

How do suction lifters function?

In principle, every suction lifter is the industrial version of a simple suction cup, which is, for example, used at home to attach bathroom shelves to the tiles on the wall. This principle is applied to large-surface suction units with in the workshop, warehouse and production facilities, and allows your employees to generate the vacuum required on flat and gas-tight surfaces using a lever.

There's a little trick to this: the suction lifters feature handles and boast load capacities between 30 and 120 kg – enough load-bearing capacity to make them suitable for difficult transport tasks as well. What were previously goods that were hard to handle safely are suddenly transformed into ones which are extremely agile when lifting equipment like this is used.

What are suction lifters used for?

The ''practical handles'' prove indispensable when transporting or aligning large plates of glass, for example. Where other transport equipment and trolleys could only be used for this with plenty of padding and due diligence, your employees can also move large plates effortlessly when they use a suction lifter.

The only thing that is important is that you attach several suction lifters to the critical points, and lift the plate at the same time. This flexible-to-use handle also performs outstandingly when working with unwieldy materials, base plates and even compact machinery.

This makes it easy to align production materials or machinery exact to the millimetre. You don't need to use any projecting machine jacks in order to move them, and you can still generate sufficient lifting force even where space is tight to manoeuvre without breaking anything or injuring anyone.

Leaving industrial jobs aside, the suction lifter also makes for a clever addition to any collection of tools – for example, when relocating furniture in the office, when the fridge in the break room needs a handle that is easier to use from time to time, or when a door needs to be taken off and put back on its hinges quickly.

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