Breathing masks

Sometimes taking a breath without breathing protection is dangerous. You will find different types of masks for safe breathing here.

In the category Breathing masks we offer you products of the following brands: 3M, Dräger, MOLDEX.

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    Face masks for respiratory protection – better than holding your breath

    The longest anyone has held their breath is 21 minutes and 33 seconds, an official world record. That’s too long for you? Then take a look at our selection of respiratory protection. With the right mouth or face mask, you can continue breathing with peace of mind, even in places where there is harmful particulate matter in the air. It also gives employees better protection from Covid-19 when social distancing is not possible.

    Purchasing face masks – the filter is what counts

    There are many reasons for wearing respiratory protection or mouth protection, for example:

    • Viruses

    • Sparks

    • Dust

    • Smoke

    • Gases

    • Fumes

    If the air at the workplace is contaminated by pollutants and pathogens, there is a risk of long-term, and sometimes even short-term, damage to health. Unless your employees wear the correct respiratory protection mask.

    We offer:

    • Basic mouth and nose protection with actively breathing filter fleece

    • Tight-fitting FFP2 respiratory protection masks that provide protection from dust and smoke as well as many bacteria and viruses

    • Tandem half masks for protection from low concentrations of gases and aerosols

    • Full face masks that can be used with different filters and filter combinations

    • FFP3 masks for effective protection from brake dust, radioactive substances, pathogens and much more

    All our protective masks ensure that the wearer is well protected and still gets enough air. Because holding your breath just isn’t an option. Neither in the office nor when welding.

    Please note: although basic mouth and nose protection protects the surrounding area, it only provides the wearer with limited protection from Covid-19. The situation is different for FFP2 respiratory protection masks without a valve.

    Discover our range of products for occupational safety

    Breathing in isn’t the only way to put yourself in danger at many workplaces. This is why, apart from masks for employees, you can purchase head protection, hearing protection and visual protection in different designs at kaiserkraft. Made by renowned brands and in high quality.

    Do you have any questions about selection, use or protective properties? We’ll be happy to answer them at any time. Don’t hesitate to contact us right away.