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Professional labels and stickers allow you to make the right mark and send the right signal to keep everyday work progressing smoothly. Not only will you ensure that legal regulations are complied with, but you'll keep work tidy and well organised. It's that easy.

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Signage and stickers: clearly marked, clearly protected!

This calculation is a simple one: the more people, departments and sectors your company has, the more complex your organisational processes and the requirements made of safety, become. Well thought out company equipment, therefore, requires signage and stickers. This is because just a few words, and even less manpower, allows you to communicate all aspects of central importance.

Warning, cordoning off, guiding: where should signs and stickers be affixed?

Everywhere that customers, employees or visitors might stray from the safe path, or where they need to find a specific product quickly, is where barriers and markings will prove essential.

This is why many of our products at kaiserkraft are also allocated to the Warehouse product area, as this is where there is an interplay between many different factors relating to safety and procedures.

Signage and stickers that indicate which way to go to find a specific product – the safest and quickest way – making them indispensable for you. This starts with signs and codes for the rows of shelves, and ends with sorting and labelling very small products in cabinets and open fronted storage bins.

The more specific the signs are that point out which paths and areas may be entered or driven through, the better. Temporary elements such as warning tapes and barrier tapes are, of course, just as important as permanently installed speed bumps and protective barriers are.

Incidentally: If you would like to know more about this topic, then take a look at our purchasing guide to Safety at work.

The secret of perfect logistics: where is a guidance system needed?

If you want your products to get from A to B without going astray, then everyone involved in the delivery chain should always know exactly what needs to go where and in which order – even if the products aren't stored in stacking containers that are transparent.

Our range of shipping and document pouches is just as important for this as every label used to designate the goods clearly. After all, the secret of perfect logistics is, in fact, clear-cut organisation.

If you'd like us to help you, then talk to us – any time.

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