Lifting magnets

Making light work of heavy loads: lifting magnets allow you to lift heavy loads made of metal with ease. The magnetic field keeps a firm and safe hold on everything. See for yourself just how powerful these products are.

Lifting magnets – lifting metal with care

Magnets can be found everywhere: in loudspeakers, in headphones or in telephones. They are usually so small that we don't even notice them. Our lifting magnets are more difficult to overlook. After all, they do hard labour by lifting metal loads.

Magnets as lifting devices

Lifting magnets consist of a coil in an iron housing. Their smooth base provides the contact surface. As soon as you switch on the power supply, a magnetic field is generated that draws the load under the contact surface towards it.

This makes lifting with lifting magnets a noticeably different process to the use of lifting chains, lifting straps or round slings. There is no need for loop straps or to chain objects up. Simply throwing a lever is enough – once before lifting and once after lifting. Just one of many advantages that lifting magnets can boast.

This is how lifting magnets ensure smooth work processes

When heavy objects made of metal need to be handled regularly, lifting magnets save a lot of time and effort. At the same time, they do a better job of preventing damage to sensitive surfaces than lifting straps and round slings can. The magnets themselves are not affected by edges, and are subject to as good as no wear and tear.

The lifting magnets that are available from kaiserkraft are suitable for round and flat objects. Magnets specifically for thin-walled metal components provide particularly gentle lifting. They all have the same mode of operation and can be used by one person.

Tips for selecting and using lifting magnets

You can purchase our lifting magnets in different sizes and with different load bearing capacities. When choosing a lifting magnet, please keep the following in mind: how much weight a lifting magnet can lift depends on the properties of the load, for example, whether it is round or flat. To ensure you're on the safe side in each and every situation, you'll find details about the load bearing capacity for differently shaped loads in our product descriptions.

To ensure the magnetic force does not fail at an inopportune moment, our magnets are equipped with a safety device that locks the lever in place during the lifting process.

Other lifting slings from kaiserkraft

Along with lifting magnets, you'll find that our shop has a wide range of lifting slings for loads made of different materials and with different shapes: round slings, lifting straps and lifting chains. The same applies for lifting devices such as chain hoists and cranes. Discover our extensive range of products for smooth work processes in the workshop, warehouse and production.

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