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Just as well that there are panel stands and panel shelving units, because otherwise you'd be making do by leaning your sheets, wooden panels or plastic panels up against the wall. Not a good solution... our panel shelving units and panel stands with plug-in partitioning frames, panel guides or entry guide rollers are much better. Find the right model for you!

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Panel stands and sheet racks for vertical storage

Have you ever been in the situation where you're sitting in front of a drawing that just doesn't make sense? Then you turn the page over, and suddenly everything becomes clear. That might be how the sheet rack was invented. Unfortunately, we don't know that for sure, but we do know which advantages our sheet racks can have for storage. And we think that you should benefit from these advantages too.

Panel stands and sheet racks: everything at a glance

Of course, you can store wooden boards, panels or sheet metal in an ordinary shelving unit. The disadvantage of this is that when a particular board or sheet of metal is needed, in the worst case, you have to take everything out and put it away again later.

It's better to turn things on their head and decide on a sheet rack or a sheet metal storage box. They allow panels and sheet metal to be stored vertically. This ensures you can maintain a full overview – without any unnecessary rearrangements. Moreover, this ensures you use the height available in the space optimally.

Sheet racks in different formats

You can purchase sheet racks in different models, along with sheet metal storage boxes with several compartments, from kaiserkraft. Sheet racks with brackets in different heights are ideal for sorting panels with different formats – the small ones towards the front and the big ones towards the back. Also pay attention to the load bearing capacity of the rack, especially when putting heavy loads into storage.

For containers, drums and boxes, we recommend traditional horizontal storage. Fortunately, you will find that kaiserkraft has a wide range of shelving unit systems and cupboards for the warehouse, workshop and office. And find a place for everything.

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