Liquid barriers

Are your drums and containers really leak-proof? It’s when this question arises at the latest that it’s time to purchase liquid barriers. Liquid barriers or flexible sealing plugs are the safe way to contain hazards in the event of leaks, and to protect you from serious incidents. There take preventive measures to avoid this type of situation, and use the products to prevent leaks.

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Liquid barriers: contain hazards the literal way

A leak alone is not a disaster. However, a liquid that spreads in an uncontrolled manner is. Liquid barriers for handling hazardous substances literally allow you contain a hazard like this, and keep the potential disaster in check before it can enter drains, bodies of water or the environment.

What are liquid barriers?

Liquid barriers include sealing mats, barrier rolls, self adhesive patches, sealing plugs and covers, which you can use both as a preventive measure for hazardous goods handling and for leakage management in an emergency. These aids, which are made of special PU or a backing fabric with a PU coating, allow you to:

  • Contain leaking liquids around drums or containers

  • Prevent run-off into gullies or manholes

  • Optimise the effectiveness of absorbent agents such as absorbent granulate in an emergency

  • Temporarily and reliably seal off holes and any damage present on hazardous goods containers

  • Block drains and pipes if necessary

The basic purpose of liquid barriers is to prevent leaking liquids from spreading and to stop chemicals, contaminated water or oil from polluting the groundwater. This makes liquid barriers an important tool for complying with legal regulations governing water protection.

What different types of liquid barriers are there?

In addition to the models available as flexible barrier rolls, sealing mats, etc., liquid barriers are available as disposable products for emergencies or as reusable products:

  • Disposable products are less expensive and are a component of a spillage emergency kit. They are also the better choice if highly hazardous liquids are being contained – immediate and careful disposal of all products used as aids is essential in this case.

  • Reusable products are an economical choice for companies with a high volume of hazardous goods. These barriers and sealing mats are recommended both for emergencies and as a precautionary measure. They must be replaced as soon as the performance of the self adhesive backing layer starts to deteriorate or the material has been damaged.

  • We also offer barrier rolls for permanent use that you can install around drum storage facilities.

Liquid barriers are resistant to many chemicals, oils and water-based liquids. However, the resistance should be checked with the individual media used at your company over the course of a risk assessment.

What do I need to observe when it comes to liquid barriers?

As a barrier, liquid barriers will buy you time in the event of a leak, however do not solve the problem. Absorbent sheeting and granulates as well as absorbent socks should therefore also be kept in stock. In addition, barrier rolls, for example, can only hold back liquid up to a certain level in an emergency – emergency sump trays do a better job in this case.

You will, of course, be on the safe side if you reach out us with your questions. Simply contact us.