Bubble wrap foils

Bubble wrap film is the most practical coincidence of all time! It was only produced because two engineers were trying to invent a new type of plastic wallpaper. Their chance invention has gone on to become hugely successful, and bubble wrap film and foam film has also been produced in Germany since the year 2000.

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Bubble wrap and foam film: packaging that goes pop!

Did you know that bubble wrap has holiday all of its own? ''Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day'' is far from the only occasion on which the popping effect of this chance invention is one of the most enjoyable aspects of sending parcels. The fun factor aside, bubble wrap and foam films fulfil an important function: they ensure maximum transport safety with a minimum of effort.

What is the ideal way to seal stored and shipped goods using bubble wrap and foam film?

Padding is the most important step in ensuring that the goods are not damaged and that they do not slip around in the package during transport: this reduces the time spent processing returned shipments, which involves high costs, additional trips, more use of resources and, not least, dissatisfied customers.

Bubble wrap and foam film are important for fragile items – regardless of whether they are made of solid metal, or are technical equipment. Like many other packaging materials used for padding, the films can be used both to wrap the product and to pad out cavities by crumpling them.

Bubble wrap and air cushions: what’s the difference?

Our packaging machines allow you to produce or fill air cushions to supplement to the film. These air cushions are simply a large version of bubble wrap, and are particularly well suited to filling larger cavities in a package, and providing a thick layer of padding for the goods. You need very little material, but create a high volume. And that at an even lower weight than, for example, is the case for crumpled packing paper.

How is bubble wrap made?

Bubble wrap is produced in two steps. First, a plastic layer is placed in a negative mould with small recesses, into which it is sucked from below using a vacuum. This causes air to collect in the recesses, which is then sealed tight by a second layer of film.

So when is Bubble Wrap Day? It is celebrated annually on the last Monday in January. But you can celebrate it any time of year you like – with our high quality products for padding, packaging and shipping. We suggest popping a round of bubbly for everyone!

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