Air conditioners

Perfectly balanced. With air conditioners from kaiserkraft

Air conditioning units – to keep the temperature right

Too warm, too cold, too dry? Ensure an ideal working climate in every situation. Whether indoors or outdoors, in summer or winter, our air conditioners are suitable for versatile use.

What do you need air conditioners for?

There are several good reasons to invest in air conditioners:

  • When desert-like temperatures prevail in the office or your breath freezes when you exhale on construction sites, your motivation and performance at work quickly decline. The same applies, of course, to stuffy air in the workplace. This also simultaneously increases the risk of accidents.

  • Extreme temperatures and poor air can be detrimental to health.

  • The relevant legislation specifies that there must be an indoor climate at the workplace that is conducive to good health. When the temperature reaches 26 degrees at the workplace at the latest, you need to introduce the first measures, for example by setting up air conditioning units.

Which air conditioning units are available from us?

Climate specifications at the workplace vary according to whether your employees are working on a construction site on cold autumn days, or sitting in the office in the middle of summer.

This is why we give you a choice:

  • Heaters: whether electric, gas or oil, our heaters ensure warm temperatures in workshops, on construction sites or in other frosty workplaces during the winter months.

  • Cooling devices: if you only want to experience tropical temperatures on a trip to Thailand, we have a wide range of cooling devices to keep things temperate. Our air conditioners are versatile – they heat, cool, ventilate and dehumidify.

  • Air purifiers and air cleaning units: our air purifiers and air cleaning units help counter dry air.

  • Fans: we have fans for the ceiling, the floor and the desk, with extra powerful fans for large rooms or small ones that are handy to use anywhere.

Our tip: our insect killers also provide relief from mosquitoes, flies and other creepy crawlies.

How to make the right choice

When selecting air conditioning units, think about the specific conditions at the respective workplace. How large is the area, how many employees work there and in which conditions, and what do you need to do? There's a big difference between air conditioning for a small office and a cooling system for a factory hall. Also pay attention to aspects such as energy consumption and noise levels.

At the end of the day, there are also many other ways to do something to ensure that employees feel good at work all year round. This starts with an ergonomic design for workplaces and extends to attractive break rooms and ways to promote employee health.

Not sure where to make a start? Get in contact with us. We will be happy to help you create a good working atmosphere – in every respect.