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In addition to large drums and small workplace containers, accessories for drums, such as lids, drum tools, measuring cups or oil cans, are important instruments that ensure safe filling and refilling. Accessories and tools for drums made by renowned manufacturers, and all of which are available from our shop, are suitable for professional handling of hazardous goods. Read on to find out what you should observe when making a purchase.

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Accessories for drums: make your work easier (and safer)

Drums are a safe storage solution for many hazardous substances. Real safety, however, requires that you go a step further. Accessories and tools for drums will help you achieve this – and make handling hazardous substances safer, more convenient, and more transparent.

What do the accessories for drums include?

Drum accessories are designed to optimise drum, tank and canister handling – especially when topping up, filling and refilling what are sometimes hazardous contents. We offer a range of products for handling hazardous goods:

  • Funnels to ensure tank containers, drums and canisters can be filled without splashing

  • Lid openers for easy opening of IBC/CTC screw caps

  • Drum tools for safe filling of aggressive media into horizontal containers

  • Drain taps and drain cocks for precisely controlled filling

  • Measuring cups for the precise removal of media

  • Drum lids with safety functions for converting empty drums into waste collectors

  • Cleaning containers and immersion tanks for cleaning small parts, tools etc. directly above drum openings

Accessories for drums will help ensure that you can literally get the last drop out of drums and large containers without having to worry about leaks or accidental contact with the media. These accessories also provide clever ideas on how to integrate drums with standard dimensions into your workflows more functionally – even when they are empty.

What do I need to observe when choosing accessories for drums?

The different materials used to make tools and accessories for drums have been used for a reason. Depending on the design of the container, contents and storage, different products are required for aggressive and corrosive media than are used for highly flammable media. Any necessary functions such as flame traps and automatically closing lids or valves are added according to the level of risk.

Even if accessories for drums are a reliable way to minimise leaks, the risk cannot be eliminated altogether. Even the best funnel cannot prevent liquids from splashing if employees don’t use caution when doing filling work.

This is why you should always work with products for leakage management when handling accessories for drums, and provide regular training for every employee on the correct work procedures. It goes without saying that the appropriate occupational health and safety equipment must always be worn when topping up, filling and refilling. In particular, work gloves and, potentially, eye protection are recommended for this type of work.

The precautions and measures that actually need to be implemented will depend on the results of your risk assessment and the applicable safety regulations that apply to the media in the drums and large containers used in your company. Our Information on regulation compliant storage of hazardous materials will provide you with an insight into the ones relevant for you. We are also happy to answer your questions personally. Simply contact us.