Shrink films, shrinking equipment

Do the goods you are shipping need an extra layer around them? Then if you please: once sealed in shrink wrap films, your products will not only arrive safe and sound, but the high quality, tear resistant film will also show that the goods are undamaged and unopened.

Shrink wraps and shrink films: effective protection for warehouse and transport goods

Properly protected products arrive in better condition: shrink films are the ideal packaging solution when securing items to pallets and putting together large or irregularly shaped containers. The flexible plastic films contract when exposed to heat, producing a particularly tight fit. This ensures that the goods being transported remain protected from damage. Discover high quality shrink films in different sizes at kaiserkraft – from flat films to PE shrink hoods.

The advantages of shrink films

When packing goods on pallets and in irregularly shaped containers, cardboard boxes or other standard types of packaging don't make for a good solution. Shrink films, in contrast, mould themselves exactly around the contours of the goods being transported, and provide a number of different benefits:

  • They protect the goods from damage caused by weather or dust.

  • Shrink films reduce the risk of damage.

  • The packaging films secure goods in a bundle, thereby facilitating transport.

  • Transparent shrink films allow a visual inspection of the goods.

All these different advantages mean that shrink films also help to reduce costs and optimise the supply chain – and all this with comparatively low material consumption.

Choosing the right shrink film: when do you use a flat film, and when do you use a shrink hood?

Shrink hoods are a special type of shrink film that are have been cut to suit standard Euro pallet dimensions and make application easier. They are also available in half sizes for bundled goods with no projecting surfaces. Flat films, on the other hand, are more flexible and particularly suitable for irregularly shaped packs. They mould themselves to fit the specific contours of the packaged goods exactly.

If you're not only interested in shrink films, and would like to find out all about different packaging options? Our purchasing guide to packaging materials will help you understand which products you can use to safely and securely pack different types of goods for shipment.

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