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Even the best device sometimes has a part that needs replacement. If it isn't in stock, it can be a pain in the neck: it either costs time to search for this item, or money to order a new one. You'll find everything you need right here!

In the category Spare parts we offer you products of the following brands: Kärcher, starmix, Hailo, MUNK, Bio-Circle, eurokraft pro, ZARGES, hofe, SCHULTE, Sprintus, EHA, IBS Scherer, meychair, SÖHNGEN, VAR, Wolf.

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Spare parts – you don't know what you've got until it's gone

Spare parts can be critical – if they're available, then it's smooth sailing – but when they're not, then everyday work can quickly grind to a halt. After all, what good is the best lock if you no longer have a key to unlock it? What use is an electric pallet truck if its speed controller has given up the ghost, and what do you do if the hose of your vacuum cleaner is defective and you can no longer vacuum? Exactly! An absence of certain spare parts can be a pain in the neck, because you either have to search for them or order new ones – costing time and money. That's exactly what we want to help you avoid – by equipping you with everything you could ever need, and by treating even the seemingly most incidental items as objects of value!

Spare parts for all different areas

You'll find all the spare parts you need right here in our online shop. This starts with screws, securing pins and shelf supports for your cupboards, castors for office chairs, handles for sack trucks and end caps for wheels, and also extends to pumps, wheels and batteries for lifters, pallet pallet trucks and sweeping machines, filters for vacuum cleaners, gloves and much, much more. In short, you'll find everything here that you never knew you even needed – including feet for ladders!

If you have any questions about our products or you're looking for a specific type of spare part, please contact us – we are always very happy to help!