Postal packaging

Versatile, sturdy and recyclable: this is how you’ll want to send mail using stable packaging. Whether books, blueprints and posters, electronics or documents – at kaiserkraft you’ll find the right postal materials for your requirements. The mailing bags and packaging materials come in standard sizes and ensure smooth mailing processes. Additional functions such as self-adhesive seals also save you time when packing.

Send mail efficiently and securely with the right packaging

The packaging material for your mailings is an essential item to protect products from impacts, being bent, and chipped edges during transport. If the postal packaging is suitable for the size of the contents, you save on filling material, space in the warehouse, and postage. Our environmentally friendly postal packaging materials are also suitable for returns, and are reusable. Many types are made from recyclable grass paper packaging.

Which postal packaging is suitable for my products?

We have the right postal packaging for every type of mailing – from edge protectors for books to opaque envelopes for documents. An overview of our products:

  • Book packaging and calendar packaging: for electronics and paper goods that require special protection, you can choose from a wide range of packaging for books and calendars. The standardised postal materials fit into letterboxes and the contents are easy to remove – ideal for books, calendars, mobile phones and CDs.

  • Retention packaging and studded foam packaging: efficient use of materials and fast packing processes – this is made possible by our retention packaging. You can send laptops, electronic components, images and circuit boards by post in space saving packaging. Postal materials with an anti-slip film increase the level of product protection.

  • Postal tubes and postal sleeves: products with dimensions that differ from the standard boxes and cardboard boxes require special protection. That’s why we offer the right postal tubes and sleeves for long goods such as posters or blueprints. This postal packaging keeps the contents free of creases. They are also ideal for storing goods in a space saving manner.

  • Mailing bags and envelopes: if you would like to send small products, letters and documents, we have a large selection of sturdy and environmentally friendly packaging for your mailings. For example, you can choose between mailing bags made of cardboard or opaque film. These postal materials are particularly practical for accompanying bulky goods. This is because the document envelopes can be used to view freight papers and accompanying export documents quickly when goods are received and dispatched.

The post office may have set prices for certain sizes and weight categories. To calculate postage accurately in advance, it is best to use letter scales.

What do I need to observe when choosing packaging for my post?

The most efficient way to pack and send your goods is to choose the right size for your postal packaging material. This helps you save space in the warehouse and during transport, as well as filling material. This benefits the environment. Postage also costs less if you do not send your goods in excessively large postal packaging.

Buy packaging for post online

You can order the product you require quickly and conveniently in the online shop at kaiserkraft. If you need a customised product, please contact us. We are specialists in post and packaging and will be happy to use our expertise to advise you. Together, we will find customised solutions that cater to your requirements.

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