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Pin boards are practical and suitable for everyday use: they are the perfect place for notes, ideas, work plans – and anything else that you can think of. Why not buy a pin board now?

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Fast and straightforward information – using pin boards and presentation boards

Pin boards for analogue and fast information: over the course of an average working day, of which most office employees spend 90% at their PC, the eyes are given a much-needed break when they read information in an analogue form on a pin board. Moreover, pin boards have the decisive advantage of being able to be updated quickly and straightforwardly!

  • Keep your employees up-to-date with pin boards: pin company news, job advertisements and menus to your pinboard – and all employees are kept informed about the latest news at a glance!

  • Individualised workplaces thanks to pin boards: notes, ideas, shopping lists or photos – there's room for all of it on a pin board. This allows you to pin up all information related to work in a clearly organised way.

Pin boards: tips for use

You do not label pin boards directly, and instead, use a pin to affix information media. Meaning that a tack or a pin is used. The surfaces of the pin boards are made of cork, fabric or felt and are available in several colours. You can use the different colours either as a design element for your presentations, or they can correspond to the design and ambience – e.g. with the wall effect: natural-coloured pin boards made of cork are particularly suitable for placement against a white background, where the pin boards are emphasised particularly well – a white pin board, in contrast, on a white wall directs the focus on what has been pinned to it.

You'll find real alternatives to a pin board!

In addition to pin boards, we have a wide variety of mobile pin boards and boards in stock that will give you support with your presentation or moderation.

How about a whiteboard? Write directly on the surface using a whiteboard marker – after use, simply clean the board with a dry sponge for a wall that is once again bright white. If you prefer paper as a work tool, flip-charts are the right choice. Simply clamp a large block to the flip-chart using the clip, and you can start writing away with any pen you like. Projection screens are used for projector-based presentations – we offer mobile and fixed screens in our shop. The category presentation screens gives you mobile walls and boards – moving from room to room is no problem with them!

Other useful products for your presentation or moderation

Presentation cases will provide you with the optimal equipment, because they ensure that you have everything you need for a presentation at hand: Do you have a lot of information to present? The pointer is extendable. Would you like something cut to size? Scissors, pen and paper are waiting in the case for you to use them. And adhesive dots and facilitator's cards are also ready for use.

You will also find whiteboard accessories in our shop. We recommend magnets – because they are extremely versatile, easy to attach, and are just as easy to remove. You can also use different colours to set accents or categorise topics.

We will be happy to help you with any questions you may have, please contact us!

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