LED Display units

Electronic signs are highly versatile, whether for welcoming visitors, showing general information or over loading ramps as a display to lorry drivers. Keep informed with our display units.

One look is enough: industrial electronic signs to communicate key data

Temperatures, fill levels, instructions, warnings – in industry, important information is also communicated visually using electronic displays. That's why kaiserkraft offers industrial display units for the most demanding requirements. The principle: ultra-bright LED diodes produce bright numbers and letters on a red matrix in front of a black background in seven-segment technology. The advantage of LED technology: the characters are easily readable from a distance of up to 100 metres, depending on the character size and area of use.

Industrial electronic signs are robust, intelligent and provide clear information

To ensure that the hardware also withstands the specific stresses of industry, the equipment features of our high-end devices are compliant with the corresponding IP protection classes. The housings are made of powder coated stainless steel or aluminium and are able to withstand temperatures from –30 to +50 °C. Low-reflection front panels or glare-free PMMA filter glass ensures that the displays are easy to read both indoors and outdoors. They are configured for communication: do you operate industrial scales or do you need to display actual readings and setpoints precise to the second, for example of a kiln? The units are controlled using USB, LAN or the Profibus DP communication interface. To ensure perfect coordination of goods delivery and transport, the truck call-up displays also come with call-up software.

Everything for industry: communication, organisation, structure

Our industrial display units are of course just one highlight in the range of workshop and industry products that we offer. And visual communication doesn't need microelectronics to function in many areas. How do you actually keep track of how much stock you have on site? How do you structure your tools, components and material storage? The wide range of products for labelling and stickers from our online shop will ensure clarity: instructions, product designations, warning signs, information signs. To stick on, pin up or magnetic – and your employees will never lack orientation.

How do things look when it comes to planning? Projects, resources, deadlines, rooms – nothing can replace the good old planning board. And we have them. With all the accessories. Any questions? Get in touch with us, we look forward to talking in person.

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