The company e-scooter allows you to move through the business quickly, whether it’s being used for people or to transport smaller goods – any distance within the company premises can be covered in a matter of seconds. Electric cargo scooters for companies are becoming increasingly popular for the everyday work being done by employees.

Electric cargo scooters: make way for a new means of workplace mobility

Company bicycles don’t offer enough space for transporting goods, conventional transport equipment is too slow for you, and company operations could proceed at a faster pace? Get aboard on the e-scooter trend! After all, these agile means of transport offer the benefits of an innovative form of mobility at every company.

What are electric cargo scooters?

E-scooters actually refer to the typical electric scooters that have become an integral part of our roads. Yet e-scooters for companies can do so much more. As a combination of an electric bicycle, transport equipment, scooter and cargo bicycle, they can move more than just your colleagues from A to B:

  • Comfortable seat, quick to mount and dismount

  • Anti-tip 3-wheel design

  • Large range from each battery charge

  • Small parts and small containers can be transported in the transport basket or on the platform

Who are electric cargo scooters suitable for?

E-scooters are particularly suitable for production areas, or companies with large premises and factory halls. This is where employees cover long routes every day. This transport aid allows long distances to be covered faster than they could be on foot – this saves time and energy. What’s more, objects can be transported on the platform.

Thanks to its compact design, an electric scooter is also a clever alternative for order picking which covers the route through long warehouse aisles in no time. What’s more, e-scooters also ensure that any orders being put together are also ready for further processing much more quickly.

Where can e-scooters for companies be used?

General safety rules apply in your factory halls, which you can adhere to with a tested e-scooter, route markings as well as rules of conduct for company traffic.

The regulations in the Road Traffic Act do, however, apply in some parts of the outdoor area as well as on public roads. This means that the right permit will be needed to use e-scooters in road traffic.

Don’t forget: if you convert your company vehicles or fleet to e-mobility, you will need adequate charging infrastructure at the same time. We will be happy to provide you with detailed information on our electric product range. Simply contact us.